How To Enjoy Your Android Apps Without The Need For An Internet Connection


Internet connection is readily available these days whether it’s in the form of Wi-Fi connection or 3G. Some of the apps requires exclusive connection to the internet for them to work properly but there are situation and times when you don’t have access to the internet such as while riding underground in metro. Some apps offer partial functionality such as Maps and … [Read more...]

How To Customize Your Android Phone’s Design

nova launcher

Having the same home screen and same layout and going through it day after day can become quite boring at times. In such cases it’s always good to customize how your phone behaves not only to give a new look to your smartphone but also get a new user experience. Android OS is highly customizable as a result there are number of ways with which you can customize how … [Read more...]

How To Translate Printed Text With Your Android Phone


We print a lot of documents and sometimes there are some words or texts that we are not able to understand because either they are in some foreign language of we are not sure about the exact meaning of the word. This problem can be easily solved by using Google Googles. This software is very intuitive because it will recognize the image that you have selected and … [Read more...]

How To Take Excellent Pictures In Low Light Conditions With Your Android Phone

android camera

The cameras in android phone these days have become so advanced that they are able to produce excellent photos in the day time with plenty of detail and with good color and contrast. But the same camera isn’t able to produce good enough photos when used in low light conditions or at night time. Although the phone is also equipped with LED flash sometimes it isn’t … [Read more...]

How To Store And Stream Music From Cloud


These days there are many cloud service that you can access from your android device and use it to store your images and music. Some of the cloud services are Dropbox, Google Drive and many more. But majority of these cloud services doesn’t allow you to stream your music file. You have to download them to your device before you could listen to them. To get around … [Read more...]

How To Set Up Google Cloud Print


As you browse thought the web sometimes you come across an interesting article or document or you want to print an attachment but a printer is not available to you at the very moment or there isn’t enough connection to your printer. In such cases you use the Google cloud service to transfer that particular article or document to your desktop and get it printed. For … [Read more...]

How To Set Up And Organise Your Holiday With TripIt


Whenever you plan for a trip or a vacation there are many details that have to be considered. As a result your inbox might become cluttered with list of emails regarding the travel plan. Sometimes searching for a specific plan among all these clutters becomes a hassle. So to keep things organized you can use TripIt which will keep all the information regarding the … [Read more...]

How To Customize Your Presentations With Ease In Your Android

android presentation

The best way to present your new project or research is by the way of presentation because it allows you to create an interesting visual presentation that takes away the boredom. There are many apps in the play store that allows you to create and edit excellent presentation. The two most popular apps are Quickoffice and Officesuite. Both of these apps offer … [Read more...]

How To Use Android Device To Increase Your Creativity

android creativity apps

Android is a highly versatile OS that allows you to create some wonderful album or memories with the help of the apps that are available in the Play Store. You can create slideshows or movies from the pictures that you have captured in your vacation without the need of special software. You can also add various effects to make the presentation more interesting and … [Read more...]