How To Set Up Your Android OS The First Time

android first time

If you have just gotten your first ever android device or you have just shifted to android from a different platform it can be quite confusing to get around the OS when you know so little about it. The home screen itself has many features that if you can miss out on if you are not aware of the different features of the android OS. Android OS is the most versatile … [Read more...]

How To Increase Your Productivity With Your Android Device


One of the best thing of having a smart phone is that you can install various third party apps or apps from the play store that helps you to keep organized and up to date with various things in your life. One of the ways to be productive is to stay on top of things and not to let them overwhelm you. Android helps you to be productive by providing a number of apps … [Read more...]

How To Get The Best Entertainment Experience From Your Android Device

android entertainment applications

As each year passes new version of the Android OS is released which is packed with all forms of entertainment apps that makes sure that your smartphone is an entertainment powerhouse. With the number of apps in play store growing by the day you’re never short of any apps that fails to give you one form of entertainment or the other. But with the growing list of apps … [Read more...]

How To Take Sharper Pictures With Your Android Camera

Droid X Camera

These days the camera on the android phones are becoming more and more advanced and are able to produce very good pictures. They also contain many automated features that helps to improve the quality of the pictures. But no matter the amount of the automated features still taking pictures depends on the photographer’s skill and also the right amount of light and … [Read more...]

How To Use Your Android Phone As A Wi-Fi Hotspot

hotspot in android

There are times when you need to connect to the internet for number of reasons but there is no Wi-Fi available but you have 3G or 4G connection available but let’s face it not all the device carry the 3G or 4G modems. Only your smartphone is able to take advantage of these connections. So what to do and you really need to use the internet through your tablet or … [Read more...]

How To Use The Google Drive Spreadsheet In Your Android Device


These days due to the availability of the Google drive majority of the people are opting to use the Google docs for the creation and sharing of their work or content easily with their friends and colleagues. Although creating word documents has become easier one of the overlooked aspect of this feature is the Google spreadsheet. Most people still prefer to use the … [Read more...]

How To Use The Advanced Feature Of Gmail In Your Android Smart Phone


Having your Google account synced through your android phone not only allows you to backup and restore data of your apps but you can also access your Gmail from your android device easily. With the sync on you receive new emails, send and even edit the mails that are there in your inbox. Most of the time the inbox is filled with emails that are full of offers or … [Read more...]

How To Share And Sync Data Between Your Android Devices

google sync

There are number of android devices in the market so syncing them with each other can be a hassle unlike iOS which syncs easily with other iOS devices allowing you to sync and share data easily. Although there are number of ways with which you can share and sync data between your different android devices but the best way is to use your Google account. Once you … [Read more...]

How To Connect And Share Via Bluetooth


These days an average consumers has more than one device which are capable of connecting and transferring files between each other. Mostly its either smart phones or tablets both of these devices can connect with each other via Bluetooth and share files between them. Bluetooth is a technology that uses radio technology over short distance to locate other Bluetooth … [Read more...]

How To Upgrade To Android 4.2 With CyanogenMod ROM


CyanogenMod Rom is one of the most popular aftermarket custom ROM that is available and provides the vanilla android user experience with the performance to match. Many experienced users prefer to flash their android device with the cyanogenmod ROM. CyanogenMod ROM is popular because they frequently release updates and patches that keeps the whole android … [Read more...]