How To Make Your Desktop Browser Consume Less Data When Tethering

Majority of the websites these days come in two version one is made for the desktop and the other is made for the smartphone. The versions for desktop are loaded with heavy images and animations which is why you need a broadband connection to browse through the websites as a lot of data is being downloaded.

On the other hand the websites that are designed for smartphone are data friendly because they do not contain large amount of information only texts mostly which doesn’t consume much data. But what happens when you really need to use your internet and your broadband connection is down? One of the way is to tether your smartphone to your desktop so you can use your 3G connection of your phone from your desktop to browse the internet.

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But this will no doubt use up your limited data plan that you are currently subscribed to. So we have prepared a guide that will allow you to use the cellular data to browse the internet from  your desktop without using up your data package.

How To Consume Less Data With Your Desktop Browser

1. Many websites these days use flash content for videos or advertisement and they are usually large in size. So in your browser enable the option click to play flash content this will prevent the flash content from loading automatically. If you want to view the flash content then you click on the content and the flash will be downloaded.

2. Images use up most of the data so disabling them will help you to consume less data. Fortunately majority of the websites can be used without the images. Below are some of the instructions how to prevent images from being loaded:

  • For chrome users click on settings > show advanced settings > content settings and under privacy select do not show any images.
  • For Firefox users click on options > content icon > uncheck load images automatically
  • For Internet explorer users click on internet options > advanced tab > scroll down to multimedia section and uncheck show pictures box.
  • For Opera users go to settings > preferences > webpages tab and select no images.

3. If you are using opera browser then you are in luck because opera features Opera Turbo which allows the webpage to be compressed through opera servers before you are able to view it. This method allows a lot of data to be saved and also uses less bandwidth.

4. You can also request mobile version of the website in your desktop browser to save on data. You can do that by changing the user agent of the browser to a smartphone or tablet.

5. Another way to save data is to disable automatic browser updates. This will prevent your desktop browser from updating in the background.


There you have some of the options that will allow you to use the desktop browser to browse the internet while being tethered to your smartphone.

Do let us know if you know of any other way with which you can save more data when using your desktop browser.

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