Bumping Sound at Low Prices

Bumping Sound

Whether you are headed off to college for the first time or you have just finished remodeling your home, getting a new set of speakers can be an intimidating process. Sometimes it seems like no matter what speaker you buy, you are going to wish you had bought something a little more powerful. Now you can lay some of that fear to rest. Shopping with the most … [Read more...]

Atongm Pocket Sized Bluetooth Laser Projection Virtual Keyboard


Few years ago a new science fiction came along the world that was related to the virtual keyboard. People watched it in the movie that a virtual keyboard can be created on any flat surface but it wasn’t available anywhere around in the real life. But now that science fiction is available in the real life and fully functional. You’re definitely going to get wooed after … [Read more...]

A Look at Various 3D printers for every Budget

Peachy Printer

Ever since the introduction of 3D printing, the industry has been nothing short of a revelation. The technology brought something never experienced before which made people to fall in love with it. As with most of the new technologies, they tend to come with hefty price tags; 3D printing is no exception. The fact that 3D printing is still a new phenomenon, everything … [Read more...]

Festive Season: Amazing Deals on Gadgets and Electronics


As the delighting Xmas and New Years eve is approaching, various online and offline store merchants are hosting grand discount sale festivals for the crazy shoppers. Marketers have observed that there has always been a huge response for trendy and recently launched gadgets and electronics. The big bumper bonanza at some of the leading stores such as Vijay Sales, … [Read more...]

A New Range of Recently Lunched Digital Cameras


Finding that perfect signature branded Digital Camera for yourself is just a matter of delight, if you’re a total photography enthusiast. However, to select from a wide range of brands with different features and specifications is always a tedious task. There is a gamut of brands – Samsung, Panasonic, Canon, Nikon, Sony – to name a few. The Samsung camera price in … [Read more...]

Incredible Navigation Apps from Windows Phone

navigation apps windows phone

Windows Phone is from the family of Microsoft which is the assistance for mobile operating system. It was first launched on October 2010 and released in Asia in early 2011. The device features a user interface that is based on design system of Microsoft's phone design system. The start screen is built with Live Tiles that is dynamic and updated in real time. It is … [Read more...]

Discover the Great Capabilities of the G-Shock Watch GW3500B-1A


The G-Shock GW3500B-1A comes along with some truly nice characteristics, such as balanced controls, solar dial, multi-band 6 atomic timekeeping, world time from 48 cities and tough movement, which ensures auto-position correction. Additionally, it is important to know that this watch belongs to the G-Aviation series, which offers some of the best possible, … [Read more...]

Efficient Driving with Eco Navigator


There is now a huge wave of technological advancements which are very vivid on most of the manufactured products nowadays. Because of this, different manufacturers try their best to come up with the most innovative idea among their competitors because those ideologies are considered as the main proponent of those companies to attract more buyers. Just for example: the … [Read more...]

Eco Friendly Dell Hybrid PC


We are now at the time wherein there is a much hype of computers. However, people often forget that computers will not always provide the advantages. It can consume a lot of electricity which promotes Green House Effect here on earth. Because of this fact, different popular manufacturer of desktops started to boast off their eco friendly brands. Dell is the first … [Read more...]

Canon PowerShot ELPH 300 HS 12 MP CMOS Digital Camera with Full 1080p HD Video


I was not quite sure about what camera to buy to satisfy my hobby of photography. I looked for a number of cameras currently present in the market and finally decided to go for the canon powershot ELPH 300 HS. I was quite happy when I got the camera in hand. Before learning the various features of the camera I was quite surprised with its shape. It can proudly call … [Read more...]