Rumors Of A Google Nexus Tablet – What Am I Not Thrilled?

Nexus Tablet A Rumor

The logic and appeal behind the Nexus phones is easy to understand. These phones are developed and released on almost a yearly basis by joining hands with a single device manufacturer. Wireless carriers as well as phone makers love to play around with Android, which means that whether it’s a HTC made Verizon phone or a Samsung made AT&T phone both run the same … [Read more...]

Google Nexus Tablet With The Android 5.0 Jelly Bean [Rumor]

Google Nexus Tablet Android Jelly Bean

There have been lots of rumors about the Asus built Google Nexus tablet. These rumors have been heard online and there are various reasons why this has become one of the most popular tablets. The popularity is because of the brand as well as of the price which is expected to be $199. Other than this, there are rumors of the inclusion of some powerful software and … [Read more...]

Google Nexus Tablet Rumors Roundup

Google Nexus Tablet Rumors

The Nexus Tablet ASUS is building the next Google Nexus Tablet, according to rumors. So far, all gadget lovers are still waiting for the launch of the Google Nexus Tablet despite the rumors roundup. Such rumors have been around for almost a month and many are speculating that the latest tablet will be based on the basic MeMO 370T form of ASUS. Rumored … [Read more...]

Google Nexus Tablet – Is It Really Round the Corner?

Google Nexus Tablet

Rumors spread fast. And when it comes to Google products, the gadget enthusiasts are always waiting. Rumors have spread that the Nexus tablet manufactured by ASUS will be launched in July. A number of websites with some speculative images of the expected tablet have popped up with its description. However, is Google Nexus Tablet really round the corner? Google Nexus … [Read more...]

Google To Partner Samsung For Low-cost Nexus Tablet

Google Samsung Nexus Tablet

A war of low priced tablet has already begun. Google too wants to have a market share in this segment. It is lately rumored that the search giant has plans of unveiling an Android tablet for a price of $199, or even below this amount. Remember, Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet is price tagged at the same price. There has been no official word from Google so far about … [Read more...]

Larry Page Confirms Google Nexus Tablet

Google Nexus Tablet

In the recently-concluded quarterly earnings call, Google's CEO Larry Page made an interesting statement about the much hyped Nexus Tablet. He told that the Google tablet will be a lower priced one much similar to Amazon's Kindle Fire. He also mentioned that Google's focus on lower priced tablets will be their best bet against Apple's iPad. He also believes that … [Read more...]

Google Will Sell Nexus Tablet Directly Through Its Online Store

Google ASUS Nexus Tablet

We all already know about Google's plan to entire into the tablet market with the launch of a Nexus Tablet (which we assume will be the name for the Google Tablet). But, none of us know exactly when will Google launch the Nexus tablet or what will be the specifications and features of the tablet. A recent rumor from a trusted source suggests that the Google's … [Read more...]