Sub-Orbital Flight: Justfly Says The Sky Isn’t Necessarily The Limit


While many aircraft builders are trying to find new and improved ways of decreasing flight times and increasing efficiency, there is a movement in the tech community to move beyond the 32,000 feet that aircraft traditionally occupy. While many confuse sub-orbital flight as a publicity stunt for celebrities to float for five minutes inside an aircraft cabin, it could … [Read more...]

How to Keep Your IP Address Confidential?

IP address

Internet Protocol address or the IP address is how websites detect where they are receiving their visitors from. Surveillance and espionage agencies, irrespective of whether they are affiliated to any particular government or not, use IP addresses to monitor people’s internet activities as well. In cyberspace, the concept of privacy is nothing short of an illusion and … [Read more...]

How To Find The Best Casino Promotions


The fact that there are so many online casinos to choose from makes it easy to find promotions that will not only help you save money when gambling, but also offer you the opportunity to win big. Online casinos are in constant competition with one another and will offer discounts and freebies in order to attract more players. If you are new to online gambling, then … [Read more...]

Tips for Laptop Security When You Travel

Laptop Security

Rugged laptops are a high commodity capable of withstanding abuse and extreme temperatures. Although tough notebooks are valuable themselves, the data inside your laptop is priceless, giving thieves access to all kinds of sensitive personal information and accounts. Laptops become even more attractive targets when you’re far from home, so here are some security tips … [Read more...]

How to Make the Most out of Your Phone’s Camera


The camera in your phone is probably of more use than a dedicated SLR or digital camera that you might own. However, a phone’s camera is nowhere near as good as a dedicated camera when it comes to the overall image quality. However, with the tricks and tips explained below, you can take pictures with your phone’s camera that can rival those from any discrete digital … [Read more...]

A Round-Up of Lesser Known iOS 6 Features


iOS 6 has been out for a while now, which means most iPhone and iPad users must be quite familiar with the operating system’s various capabilities. Apple has put into iOS 6 quite a lot of hitherto unseen features and functionalities. However, this article elaborates on some lesser known features that most users are still not well-versed with. Swipe the Directions … [Read more...]

iOS 6 Tips & Tricks for a Better User Experience


iOS is one of the slickest operating systems around and much has been said about its smoothness and overall brilliance. Apple also marks the launch of every new version of iOS by introducing a revolutionary and unseen feature in the OS. iOS 6 too sees a lot of new additions and features with some of them being explained here to aid in a better user … [Read more...]

iOS Tips & Tricks to Help Make Your Experience Better


Apple’s operating system for mobile devices, iOS, is as big a star in the tech world as is the company’s signature hardware innovations. The latest iteration of the popular operating system, simply known as iOS 6, carries on the mantle of user-friendliness and innovation from the previous versions. Featured here are some tips and tricks that will surely improve your … [Read more...]

Two Tips & Tricks to Help You Familiarize with iOS 6


Although the fanfare is more concentrated on the launch of its devices, Apple’s in-house operating system for these devices, known as iOS, commands a loyal fan following as well. Just like the hardware and design of the early iPhone, the very first iOS too set a benchmark when it came to usability and refinement. This has continued with iOS 6 as well, which is also … [Read more...]

Three Hot New Features in Excel 2013


Microsoft seems to have adopted a three year upgrade strategy with its Office Suite range of products, the 2013 version of which was released some time ago. The new versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc promise to bring in a host of new features to the table. This article, however, concentrates on three new features that Microsoft has bundled with Excel … [Read more...]