How To Play Long Distance LAN Games Over Internet

Right now you must be having fun playing a game but then your friend comes online who is also having fun playing the same game but then you wonder wouldn’t it be more interesting to play this game together and completing this game on a co-op play. But to play with your friend either you need to register with steam for multiplayer or some other multiplayer option but you would rather not.

There is a much easier way to do it. No matter your friend in which corner of the world you can play the game over LAN network. LAN in this case will be a virtual LAN as its impossible to extend a LAN cable over such great distances.

LogMeIn Hamachi

To play virtual LAN over the internet you need the program called HAMACHI or VPN TUNNEL. Either of these programs is able to create a virtual LAN network over the internet which will allow you to enjoy the multi-player option with any number of players or as much player as a game is able to support.

It allows you to enjoy the same game in a new light providing new excitement which you weren’t aware of before. Setting up this virtual LAN is very easy and also you have to make sure that your friend or friends on other side are also having this program. You can not only play games over HAMACHI OR VPN TUNNEL but also you can transfer files from each other’s hard disks. It creates a virtual LAN between two or more machines so everything that is possible over the LAN network is also possible over this virtual LAN network.

Below is a guide that will help you to set up Hamachi or VPN tunnel which will enable you to play LAN games over internet.

Procedure For Setting up Hamachi:

  1. First you must download the program Hamachi or VPN tunnel from their respective websites. They are quite small programs and you will be amazed at what features they provide to you.
  2. Make sure your friend also has the same program that is if your installing Hamachi then your friend must also install Hamachi and same goes for VPN tunnel.
  3. Hamachi is recommended because its very easy to setup with a very friendly user interface.
  4. After you have installed Hamachi it will display your virtual LAN IP.
  5. Go to network and click on create network. It will prompt you to enter network id and password. After your done entering click create and your network is created
  6. . Now you must give this network id and password to your friend so that he can join your network.
  7. Joining a network is done through join network option which is network tab below the create network option and it will prompt you to enter the network name and password to join.
  8. When joining is successful it will show you all the available PC in the network.
  9. To make sure that the connection is working you can right click on your friends PC name and ping. You must make sure that firewall is disabled on your and your friend’s system.
  10. Now before you start playing any game there is another final step you must do. Go to network and sharing center in windows 7/vista and then to change adapter settings. When your in adapter settings on the top click on advanced and then to advanced settings. When that window opens you will see that Hamachi network is at the bottom so make sure that Hamachi is at the very top of all the network connections.
  11. After your done click ok and exit and start the game of your choice and your friend must also do all these steps and if successful in the LAN play option of the game of your choice it will display the name of your friend.
  12. Now you can enjoy the adrenaline rush of LAN play.
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