A Round-Up of Lesser Known iOS 6 Features

iOS 6 has been out for a while now, which means most iPhone and iPad users must be quite familiar with the operating system’s various capabilities. Apple has put into iOS 6 quite a lot of hitherto unseen features and functionalities. However, this article elaborates on some lesser known features that most users are still not well-versed with.


Swipe the Directions in Your Maps App

Everyone knows how Apple released to the world an undercooked version of their Google Maps competitor, simply titled Maps. Among the more notable problems with the app was that it took users to destinations they hadn’t even chosen in the first place. However, if you are used to getting route directions from Maps by simply tapping on the Quick Route button, there is no way for you to determine which route the app is going to deciding upon.


So in case you want to see a preview of the route to be taken, specify the destination and then choose the option Directions to Here. Now comes the part where you need to manually specify your address instead of relying on the app to determine your location. Tap on Route once you are done entering the address info manually. Now choose a particular route and tap start. This will enable you to swipe through the directions given at the top and see which turns the app advises you to follow.

Download Individual Numbers from iTunes Match

With the introduction of iOS 6, the ability to download single tracks to the device from the cloud has also been restored by Apple. To do this, you need to narrow down to the song you want to download and tap on the cloud download icon next to the song.


In the same manner, if you desire to free up some of the storage space on your device, simply delete any downloaded song by swiping across it and tapping the Delete button.

Set Reminders Based on Locations

iOS’s inbuilt reminder app is pretty good at reminding you of tasks that you need to get done as you leave different spaces like home, work, or any other address throughout the day. However, how do you set yourself a reminder to help remind you of a certain purchase when you are at a grocery store. Now adding the locations of all your grocery, pharmacy or any other retail stores isn’t the most convenient or sensible way to go about it.


With iOS, you no longer have to worry about remembering location specific tasks. Instead, you can simply create a reminder like you do normally and turn on the ‘Remind Me At a Location’ option. Such reminders will by default occupy your current address. To choose from other address options, just enter your custom address in the given text box.

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