How To Create A .html File In Windows 7

Creating .html file on windows 7 is not as direct as windows XP has. On windows XP you could write HTML code and save it as .html webpage with note pad directly by saving the document. But windows 7 does not have the same functionality. But you can do it another way.

First of all you have to write the code on note pad and then you have change the file name extension to make the document .html. in this windows tutorial i will show you the steps to do it.

This way, changing the file name extension can be useful—such as when you need to change a text file (.txt) to an HTML file (.htm) so that you can view it in a web browser.

Create HTML File

Here is the steps to save the file into .html extension

Step 01:  Make sure that file name extensions are visible.

Step 02:  Look at this post to see the detail processes of doing this.

Step 03:  Open o note pad .txt file

Step 04:  write your code and save it as .txt file.

Step 05:  Right-click the file you want to change, and then click Rename.

Step 05:  Delete the file name extension, type the new extension .html , and then press Enter.

You will see the text file converted into webpage like the image bellow

It is better to use other editor like Dreamweaver or edit plus t create pro webpages. but for any emergency purpose note pad might be a very convenient solution for work.

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