How To Take Screenshot Of Skype Chat?

Skype is the most favorite communication tool now a days and its not only a tool to having gossip with friends. Now its being used in every sector of life. Business, coaching and other many important communication is being maintained through Skype.

As it is being used widely it is very vital to know how to keep the conversation as record by taking a screenshot of conversation, moreover taking screenshots is very important while you need to send as prove of conversation via email to someone.

Screenshot Skype

In this tutorial i will take you through every step of taking screenshot of Skype conversation.

Steps for taking screenshot of Skype conversations On Windows :

01. Make The Skype Full screen to get a clear view of Skype.

02.Capture the Screen by Pressing PrtSc on Keyboard.

03. Now Open Paint program from Accessories. (All program >Accessories>Paint . Or You can right click anywhere to Open a new Bitmap image file. (right click on mouse>New>Bitmap image). it can be also any image file.

04. Once Paint or Bitmap Image is opened As edit mood you can press Ctrl+ V to paste the screen you captured or Go Edit menu on image editor and find paste.

05. Now you have save it as image file. you can re-size the image if its not in the size you want.Don’t forget to give a relative name.

You are done once you have saved it.

Steps to screenshot the Skype conversation on Mac:

  • Make the Skype conversation your entire screen
  • Press Command+Shift+4+Spacebar on Keyboard .
  • Your conversation image will be saved on Desktop as .png file.

If You don’t find Prtsc Button :

  • In case you don’t have PrtSc on your keyboard you have find PRTSC, Print Scr or a similar abbreviation.
  • in some devices it works with Function+Insert to take a screenshot

If you have any confusion about anything on this tutorial or anyone tutorials¬† on our blog, don’t hesitate to ask question on comment section.


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