iOS 6 Tips & Tricks for a Better User Experience

iOS is one of the slickest operating systems around and much has been said about its smoothness and overall brilliance. Apple also marks the launch of every new version of iOS by introducing a revolutionary and unseen feature in the OS. iOS 6 too sees a lot of new additions and features with some of them being explained here to aid in a better user experience.


Open Websites in Background

The Safari browser on Macs enables the user to open any link from a page without defecting from the main page itself. This ensures that a user is not disturbed while reading or browsing something important.


This same feature of opening website or webpages in the background has now been introduced to Apple devices with iOS 6. However, you need to enable this feature first as it is disabled by default. To do this, follow this path on your device:

Settings -> Safari -> Open Links.

Now choose the option In Background and you are done. Now you can make Safari open any webpage in the background by simply tapping and then holding a link.

Get Quick Access to Your Immediate Browsing History


In Safari Mobile, you can view your immediate browsing history by tapping and then holding the Back button. Doing so will show you all the recently visited webpages. To get the same information on an iPad, you need to tap and hold the “+” button.

Browse in Full Screen Mode


You can take advantage of the entire screen real estate of your iPhone by browsing webpages in the full screen mode. The advantages of this feature are more apparent when used with your phone in the landscape mode. A full screen mode allows a better use of the pixels that are otherwise used up by the browser’s tab and location bars. To enable the full screen mode, just rotate your iPhone to the landscape mode. Now press the full screen double arrow that appears on the lower right corner.

Using Shared Photo Streams on Public Websites

While Shared Photo streams are pretty useful when you want to share photos with other owners of iOS 6 running devices (or even Mountain Lion running Macs), they are of no use when you want your photos to be seen by friends and family using old-gen iPads or even PC laptops. The best thing you can do is take your Photo Streams to public sites.


You can create a Photo Stream to be shared over public sites by tapping on the Public Website slider. Once you are done creating the stream, the option to share publicly can be found by tapping on the blue arrow located besides the Share Photo Stream option. Now an link will be generated, which you can send out to the people you want to share the photo stream with.

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