How to Track Your Favorite Pages on Facebook

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Facebook has been found as the most popular social networking site. Almost every month, new updates are taken to satisfy the changing demands by the users. Also, Facebook is now used as one of the prime ways to cater services thru their free service Facebook pages. W For a business, having the Facebook page can allow them to interact easily with those of the people … [Read more...]

10 Free Web Services For Instagram Addicts

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In early April, the news of acquisition of Instagram by Facebook for a Billion Dollar grand price was everywhere. The user count of Instagram increased in multiple folds after it was launched for Android in the same April. I recognize that Instagram is an application which can make simple photographs look really beautiful and can make user addictive to it. Even my … [Read more...]

UAE Smashes Bloggers With A Draconian Internet Law

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Hey! You can't make fun of you leaders on the website. You can be jailed for it. Yes, jailed if you are in any Middle Eastern country. The United Arab Emirates government feels so and there has been some changes made in the law recently. UAE state news agency WAM reports drastic changes have been made in the provisions of law that look after the welfare of the … [Read more...]

YouTube Video “21 Years” Becomes Overnight Hit Showcasing New Born Transition To Adulthood

Video thumbnail for youtube video YouTube Video "21 Years" Becomes Overnight Hit Showcasing New Born Transition To Adulthood - PinDigit

Isn't the video seems to have been directed by a professional film maker? But Nope. It has been completely, and rather exclusively, made by a dad. The video clip entitled "21 years" on YouTube begins with a black-and-white sonogram picture of an infant and fades into a picture of a youth holding a 21 lighted candles fixed on a birthday cake, ready to blow them … [Read more...]

How To Opt Out Facebook’s Online And Offline Tracking


Many people don’t bother about their privacy online, but it’s a significant aspect because nobody knows who would take your writings, or who may be using (rather misusing) your photos, or other things that you have enjoyably posted in Facebook sometime. Protecting your online data seems an arduous effort, but it is certainly worth the effort. In a recent … [Read more...]

Facebook Added A New Anti-Virus Marketplace For Its Security

Facebook Antivirus Marketplace

Facebook continues to maintain its security with the launch of a new Anti-virus Marketplace. Its primary focus is to expand its Anti-Virus Marketplace with new group. The group consists of Avast, AVG, Avira, Kaspersky, Panda, Total Defense, and web-root. The Anti-virus software providers that allow Facebook users to download anti-virus software and users can keep … [Read more...]

Revamped MySpace Will Be Separated From Old MySpace


Over the coming months, the newly revamped MySpace will be launched. But that's not the point of this post. This is for something else that we have learnt about this new launch which is what this post is all about. When the revamped MySpace launches in the coming months, the users of the classic MySpace and the users of the new MySpace will be kept segregated from … [Read more...]

Facebook Closes Cool Hunters Account Allegedly For Copyright Issue


Is Facebook doing the right thing? Yes, I mean to ask as see what it has done to the Cool Hunter and in what manner it has done. Leaving 80,000 fans of Pop Culture website ‘Cool Hunter’ in wonder, Facebook in an unexpected move sealed the account of the site, allegedly for a copyright issue. It is said that the 1 billion users’ website hasn’t given any sort of … [Read more...]

The Future Of Social Media Pt. 2

Social media has been a huge buzzword for the past few years, and as a method of connecting people and businesses, it is here to stay. The internet is helping to provide a way for people to connect in ways never before dreamed, and actually changing and influencing human connections along the way. In our last article about social media we talked about the fact that … [Read more...]