iOS Tips & Tricks to Help Make Your Experience Better

Apple’s operating system for mobile devices, iOS, is as big a star in the tech world as is the company’s signature hardware innovations. The latest iteration of the popular operating system, simply known as iOS 6, carries on the mantle of user-friendliness and innovation from the previous versions. Featured here are some tips and tricks that will surely improve your experience of using an Apple device.


Take Pictures & Shoot Videos at the Same Time

How many times have you been in a situation when you wanted to click a snap but couldn’t do so because you were shooting a video with your iPhone. With the newest iPhone, you can do exactly that but without stopping the video recording.


This is made possible by tapping the camera button that appears on the screen apart from the shutter button as you shoot a video. Although this function doesn’t use the phone’s actual photo sensor (the video sensors are used instead), the photos still come out quite nice.

Panorama in Reverse!


The ability to take panorama pictures was introduced with iPhone 4S. Everybody knows that the app asks the user to take photos from the left side to the right. Now, you can reverse that direction in iOS 6. To do this, you simply need to tap on the panorama guide once and it instantly flips. Now you can click your panorama photos from right to left.

Add Videos & Photos Quickly to Messages


If you wish to add any of your photos or videos to an email, do not bother about first going into the photo or camera app. Just head over to your device’s Mail app and begin composing a new email. To add the photos, tap once on any blank section of the email, which will cause a contextual menu to come up. From the menu, tap on the option Insert Photo or Video and choose the files you desire to send.

Navigate to Drafts Instantly


Saving an email as a draft instead of sending it is a mistake that everyone one of us tends to commit occasionally. However, instead of again navigating the hierarchy of the Mail app mailbox, you can skip your way directly to the drafts folder by first tapping and then holding on to the New Message button. This will list all the messages that you have saved in drafts so far.

Archive Mails


Archiving of email messages is possible on iOS 6 devices with email clients like Gmail. However, the same option can also be added to an iCloud email ID. This can be done by navigating to the iCloud account through the settings app. Further navigation into the Account option will lead you to a switch that allows you to either turn-off or turn-on the archiving option.

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