How To Give Root Access To Your Apps In Your Android Device

In our previous articles we have written the benefits of rooting your device and also more specifically on how to root your android device. We also mentioned one of the benefits of rooting yourd device is that you are able to install root only apps from the play store which allows you to have greater control over your phone. This control comes from the apps accessing your core system files. To allow the apps to access and modify your system files you need to give the apps special root access without which they won’t be able to function properly. Superuser So we have prepared a simple guide that will allow you to give the apps root access to your phone. Don’t worry every time an app requests root access to your phone you will be prompted and this will protect you from running any malicious apps that might damage your phone.

How To Grant Root Access To Apps

  1. Most of the time when you have rooted your device The Superuser app is automatically installed along with the busy box app. But sometimes the Superuser app is not installed in your phone. So in such times you can visit the play store to download and install the latest version of the Superuser app.
  2. After you have installed this app when you launch it you will notice the first screen where all the apps that have requested root access to your phone are listed.
  3. If you swipe to the right you can notice the activity log of all the rooted apps on your phone.
  4. Now you can download the app that requires root to function. For the sake of this guide we have downloaded the titanium backup app that needs root permission to work and allows you to make backup of the all apps that are installed on your phone.
  5. After you have downloaded Titanium backup after you launch it you will notice a dialogue box pop ups requesting you to allow the app to have root access to your phone. You can click on remember box so that you don’t get the notification every time you launch this app.
  6. If it’s an app that you don’t need then you can deny the permission. The app will exit and will not function properly in your phone until you grant the permission.
  7. Once the permission is granted to the app you can use it like every other app.
  8. You can also have a look at all the apps in your phone that have been granted root access by going into Superuser app.
  9. Superuser app also allows you to change permission of an app and you can even turn off the root access of a particular app from within superuser.

There you have a simple guide that will allow you the root only apps to have root access to your phone. With the Superuser app you can also keep an eye on the root only apps. Do let us know if there are any other ways you can grant permission to an app for root access to your phone.                  

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