Safety Tips for Your Windows 8 PC


That Windows 8 is a standard setting OS, there are no doubts about. However, do not allow yourself to believe all those naysayers harping on about the so called security flaws of Microsoft’s latest Windows OS offering. Windows 8 has many security enhancements and most of them are by default, active. However, there is still enough room for you to be proactive enough in … [Read more...]

How to Remove Two Irritants to Make the Windows 8 Experience Better


With a truckload of new features, Windows 8 sure won many admirers all over the world. Microsoft had gambled on the fact that the future lies in having a robust ecosystem instead of just a good operating system. Windows 8 addressed this requirement perfectly with its release. However, as users spend more time on Windows 8, they are chancing upon some notable irritants … [Read more...]

Two Windows 8 Glitches that You Can Rectify


Windows 8 is path-breaking for many reasons. First, of course, there is the innovative Metro tiles user interface that enables users to pin all their essential apps to the main homescreen. The best part about Windows 8 though is that the entire operation is about as smooth an experience as one can ever get from any device. However, Windows 8 is still not perfect. Two … [Read more...]

Get the Most Out of Your Time Using these Fantastic Apps


Maximizing the value of time is the success mantra in today’s age. Various gadgets and applications have made such an impact on our lives that it is difficult to imagine a world without them. The same can also be said about the three apps featured below. These apps not only help boost our productivity levels but also make multitasking easier. Evernote A … [Read more...]

Newest Tips & Tricks for iOS 6


iOS 6 has been out for a while now and many iPhone and iPad users across the world are enjoying the latest iteration of Apple’s class leading operating system for mobile devices. However, there yet exist some simple tips and tricks that haven’t attracted the attention of a majority of users. This article features some of these lesser known tricks that are sure to … [Read more...]

How to Get the Newly Introduced Facebook News Feed


Ever since its launch, Facebook has constantly relied on innovations to keep itself in the thick of things as far as social networking sites were concerned. The cost of not doing so was quite steep and was well illustrated by the examples of sites like MySpace and Orkut, both of which failed to maintain their top positions after an initial burst of popularity that … [Read more...]

Why is DLNA Relevant to You


DLNA is the newest kid on the block that every consumer electronics manufacturer wants to include in its product line-up. DLNA is sure to change the way we share content across different devices like cellphones, TVs, computer, tablets and the likes. As such, there are some very sound reasons for you to care about the path this technology adopts in future. Sharing … [Read more...]

Plex – A Viable Alternative to Hulu and Netflix


Popular streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have changed the very manner in which people view content online. The quality of their video streams is good enough to enable users to bypass the comfort of owning digital copies of those contents. However, the biggest advantage with the latter is that it allows you to play anything you want almost instantly. Combining … [Read more...]

Using Skype to Boost Your Business Productivity


As much as Skype is popular among individual users, the application can also be used by businesses to enhance their productivity levels. Apart from saving you sizable amounts of money, these methods can also help save time. Include a Button for Skype on Your Website Ideally, every website would like to offers its visitors an option to make a voice call for free. … [Read more...]

Two Lesser Known Features of Skype


Virtually every internet user is aware of the popular VOIP application for Windows and Mac known as Skype. The voice client has revolutionized the way people communicate over the internet. Apart from its many popular features, this voice client also has some other lesser known specialties that many users are probably not aware of. Read on to know more. Get … [Read more...]