Three Stand Out Features of Excel 2013


The latest version of Microsoft’s Office suite includes a more functional version of Excel. Some of the complex tasks can now be performed with much more ease because of tools like Recommended PivotTables and Recommended Charts. This article, however, elaborates on three novel features that Microsoft has incorporated into Excel 2013. An Excellent Start … [Read more...]

2012’s Top Ten Linux Distros


The rankings for Linux distros have seen some constant upheavals over the years. This has been more apparent in the last two years when the rankings showed startling differences when compared to those of preceding years. DistroWatch, which compiles these rankings, has come up with its list of ten best Linux distros for the year that just ended. 1) Linux Mint – … [Read more...]

Three Lesser Known Tricks for iOS 6


iOS has always been held as a benchmark against which other competing mobile operating systems have been compared. With the launch of its latest version, Apple has ensured that people yet again find themselves marveling at the operating system’s fluidity and ease of use. That being said, the three tricks and tips featured in this article will further help users in … [Read more...]

Three Must Have Travel Apps for Your Windows 8 Phone


Windows 8 is the newest kid on the smartphone OS block but with the Nokia backing it to the hilt, big things are expected from Microsoft’s ambitious product. Most experts opine, and rightly so, that the success of Windows Phone 8 will largely depend upon the strength of its apps store. However, the three travels based apps featured below are a perfect indication of … [Read more...]

Take Control of Your Responsibilities with These Three To-Do Apps


Forgetting an important task, be it personal, professional or otherwise, can be a costly affair. However, forgetfulness is quite rampant today thanks to the overload of information around us. So how exactly do we ensure tasks that are important and relevant to us are managed in the right manner? One of the better ways to do so is by maintaining a to-do list. … [Read more...]

Looking for Good To-Do Apps? These Three are Worth Trying


Smartphones are not indispensable merely because of the fact that they serve as a means of communication. Many users also tend to depend on their devices to remind them of the various tasks that need attention on a timely basis. It is not unusual to see a smartphone user having to-do lists for things as mundane as grocery shopping to something as important as work … [Read more...]

Five Free Alternatives to Microsoft Office 2013


The last few months have been full of product launches that concern professional as well as personal computer users. Microsoft’s launched the latest versions of two of its most popularly used products worldwide, viz. the Windows operating system and the Office Suite. While the former is still to find complete favor from users, Microsoft is betting big on the latter to … [Read more...]

Why Upgrading to Office 2013 Should Not be a Priority for You


Microsoft released the newest edition of its office suite (tagged Office 2013) a while back. There is also a new kid on the block that goes by the name ‘Office 365’, which many people opine provides more value for money compared to Office 2013. But the reality is that neither product absolutely necessitates an upgrade from previous versions of Microsoft’s top drawer … [Read more...]

Tips & Tricks for Siri in iOS 6


Ever since Siri debuted, it has been the most talked about feature when Apple releases a new version of iOS. The voice based assistant has become better with every iteration and has almost no match today, when it comes to worthy competition. While there are countless ways in which you can use this voice assistant, the ones articulated below are truly unique. Use … [Read more...]

Become an iOS Expert with these Tips & Tricks


There is no dearth of people claiming to be experts on using iOS, Apple’s landmark operating system for mobile devices. The clamor of these expert users has only risen following the release of iOS 6 as they explore their devices in a way most normal users do not. However, the tips and tricks explained below will surely power you into the iOS expert’s … [Read more...]