What To Do And What Not To Do – The Digital Signage Content Edition


Whatever the goals are for your Digital Signage the quality of the content is key. If you get it wrong, you may not get the returns from the screen that you were expecting. But what can you do to make sure that you have the best Digital Signage content possible? The first point that you need to consider is how you are going to create your content. The most … [Read more...]

Will Tata be able to keep up the brand name in the real estate market


If you have been following the real estate market keenly, you are sure to have heard of the upcoming Tata Value homes in the different cities. While we are not very used to seeing too many Tata Housing projects, there is a fair chance that they can cause a stir in the market and also make it to the top of the list when it comes to demand amongst the … [Read more...]

How clean is my tech?

how clean is my tech

The explosion in tech in the first decade of the 21st century has revolutionised the way we live, filling needs we never knew we had. The desire to invest in more gadgets and appliances has brought with it an increased need to be efficient and responsible in our energy use. As a result, there is now considerable concern about how clean our tech is. Finding the … [Read more...]

A Look at Various 3D printers for every Budget

Peachy Printer

Ever since the introduction of 3D printing, the industry has been nothing short of a revelation. The technology brought something never experienced before which made people to fall in love with it. As with most of the new technologies, they tend to come with hefty price tags; 3D printing is no exception. The fact that 3D printing is still a new phenomenon, everything … [Read more...]

Quantum Bits and 3D Transistors: The Changing Face of Modern Computing

Modern Computing

One-thousand years ago, did people imagine the ability to fly?  500 years ago, did people imagine a world where those in separate continents could communicate in real time?  Today, can you imagine what technology has in store for the immediate and long--term future? Imagine a measure of a millionth of a meter.  That's the size of modern-day transistors inserted on … [Read more...]

What is the future of the digital office?

Future of Digital office

The rise of technology has been unstoppable in recent years. In just a few decades the computer has gone from being a massive room filled with huge machines whirring magnetic tape, to small devices which we can carry around in our pockets. Image Source: officedesigngallery.com 1980 and beyond Anyone who experienced the rise of the 'Yuppie' in Thatcher's … [Read more...]

How To Customize Windows 8 Start Screen Wallpaper, Tiles And Animations

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How To Disable The Splash Screen In Microsoft Office


Every time you launch Microsoft office you are greeted with a splash screen which you have to wait till it goes before you can start your work. Sometimes the splash screen takes up valuable time or the splash screen freezes crashing the entire office. So we have prepared a guide that will allow you to remove the splash screen. For the purpose of this guide we will … [Read more...]

How To Find And Change Advanced Settings In Your Browser


There are many browsers available these days and each one has its own unique features and settings which allows you to customize it to your needs and use it accordingly. But majority of the browsers also feature advanced settings which are normally hidden from the normal users because modifying those settings can either further improve your browser or ruin it … [Read more...]

How To Convert The Caps Lock Key Into Chrome OS Search Key


The caps lock on the keyboard is mostly used to type entire sentences in capital letters. Most of the time we don’t use the caps lock key apart from showing that we are angry in a chat. Even the shift key is being used sparingly these days because most of the word processing software and even search engines automatically make the letter at the start of the sentence … [Read more...]