How To Enjoy Your Android Apps Without The Need For An Internet Connection

Internet connection is readily available these days whether it’s in the form of Wi-Fi connection or 3G. Some of the apps requires exclusive connection to the internet for them to work properly but there are situation and times when you don’t have access to the internet such as while riding underground in metro.

Some apps offer partial functionality such as Maps and Spotify that can work without the need of an internet connection. So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to use your favorite app without the need of an internet connection. For the purpose of this guide we have used the Spotify app and before you can use the app without an internet connection you have to download an offline part of the app which goes the same for the map.


So it is advisable to go through all the options of an app that you have to see what you have to download and how you can set it up for offline usage.

Spotify for android

How To Use An App Offline

  1. Download and launch the Spotify app. Press he list icon which can be located on the top left corner of the app window. It will start searching for tracks and artist.
  2. You can create your playlist or select album to add to the playlist by tapping on the menu key and selecting Add as playlist.
  3. Now again tap the list icon and this time select the Playlists. You can select from the playlists that are available and then tap on the Download Playlist button to save it in your device. This might take from a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the number of tracks that you have in the playlist.
  4. Now you need to access the settings of the spotify app by tapping on the list icon. At the top of the settings page you will notice an option called Offline mode.  By tapping on the offline mode you will make all the playlists that you have downloaded available to you when there is no internet connection.
  5. To listen to your playlist offline just tap on the list icon and tap on downloaded playlist. This will display the playlists which you can play offline.

There you have a simple guide which will allow you to enjoy your favorite playlist when there is no signal bar.

Do let us know if there are any other ways with which you can enjoy your favorite app when no internet connection is available.

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