How To Take Excellent Pictures In Low Light Conditions With Your Android Phone

The cameras in android phone these days have become so advanced that they are able to produce excellent photos in the day time with plenty of detail and with good color and contrast. But the same camera isn’t able to produce good enough photos when used in low light conditions or at night time.

Although the phone is also equipped with LED flash sometimes it isn’t enough to compensate and the images that are produced are either too blurry or there is too much noise in the photograph. Most of the time the picture appears to be blurry because in low light the shutter has to be kept open for longer period of time for enough light to get in to the sensor.

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So to allow you to take good pictures in low light conditions or at night time we have prepared a guide for you that will help you in every step of the way.

How To Take Pictures In Low Light Conditions

  1. When taking photos in low light conditions the first thing you have to do is to keep the phone as steady as possible. This because the shutter is open for longer period of time and any movement on your side will create a blurry image. So it crucial to keep the phone steady. To minimize hand movement you can brace yourself against a wall or something similar.
  2. If you are taking picture of a person then its important that the person stands as still as possible. You must encourage the person to be stationary when you are taking their picture and they should be stationary till the picture is processed. This will also help you to reduce blurry image.
  3. If you want to take photos of landscapes or panoramic shots of the landscapes it is advisable to take a tripod. You can get a low cost tripod for your phone. You can store it easily and also they have clamps that helps to hold your phone steady so that you are able to take excellent sunset picture with excellent details without any blurring or artifacts in the image.


So there you have a guide which will help you to take excellent low light photography or perfect sunset picture.

Do let us know if you know of any other way with which you can take excellent low light photos with your android smart phone.

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