How To Customize Your Presentations With Ease In Your Android

The best way to present your new project or research is by the way of presentation because it allows you to create an interesting visual presentation that takes away the boredom. There are many apps in the play store that allows you to create and edit excellent presentation.

The two most popular apps are Quickoffice and Officesuite. Both of these apps offer excellent editing options and also have many templates with which you can create an excellent presentation right in your android device.

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Both of these apps can be little confusing and most of the time the new users aren’t able to take full advantage of all the feature that the apps has to offer. So we have prepared a guide which allow you to create a nice interesting presentation with ease.

For the purpose of this guide we have used Kingsoft office presentation editor read on to find out more about it.

How To Customize Your Presentation

  1. After you download the Kingsoft office presentation open the app and you can add the texts and slides by pressing the button + at the bottom of the screen. For ease of working on the slides it’s recommended that you work on them in landscape mode.
  2. The boxes in the layout can be resized which can be done by dragging on the blue dots around the box. You can other boxes also for entering the texts from the toolbar at the top and they can also be resized to match your needs.
  3. You can also add some highlights to the box by pressing on the quickstyle icon on toolbar. With this you get several options such as fill color, add universal color to the entire presentation or increase the width around the box.
  4. If you are not satisfied with the size of the font in the box then you can again access the quickstyle menu and change the font size and also text color. If you want to further customize the text then you can access the options from text Color icon.
  5. You can also add images to your presentation to make it more interesting by accessing the file option from the toolbar.
  6. Once you are done with tweaking your presentation have a quick look at it and correct any mistake. Save your presentation from the file option on the toolbar.


There you go a simple guide that will help you to create a very nice and interesting presentation right in your android smart phone.

Do lets us know about any other apps that allows you to create nice presentation easily.

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