How To Customize Your Android Phone’s Design

Having the same home screen and same layout and going through it day after day can become quite boring at times. In such cases it’s always good to customize how your phone behaves not only to give a new look to your smartphone but also get a new user experience.

Android OS is highly customizable as a result there are number of ways with which you can customize how your phone behaves and feels by tweaking each and every detail. You can tweak the animations, the dock and widget to get a new feeling.

nova launcher

So we have prepared a guide that will guide you step by step on how to customize your phone. For the purpose of this guide we have used the NOVA launcher. Although there are other launchers available in the play store but NOVA launcher offers the maximum number of options which are easy to tweak and work with.

nova launcher screenshot

How To Give Your Smartphone A New Look

  1. Visit the play store and search for NOVA launcher and install it. The free version offers most of the option but you can also opt to download the NOVA launcher prime which offers some extra functionality but in this guide we have used the free version of the app.
  2. Launch the app and it will ask you which home screen you want as default so select the NOVA launcher. While in your home screen access the settings of nova launcher from where you can completely customize how your phone behaves.
  3. Once in settings you can access the various sub menus. You can change how your phone responds as you navigate by altering the animation speeds.
  4. In the same look and feel menu you can also modify how the folder behaves when you group different apps together. You can also modify the design of the preview function.
  5. You can also customize how you flick between your home screens. You can choose from a variety cool effects that really gives a new feel to using your android device.
  6. One of the best feature of NOVA launcher is that you can backup the changes that you have make either to cloud or to your SD card. In this way if you change your ROM or something goes wrong you can restore the changes that you had made to your phone with the tap of a single button.
  7. After you have done the necessary go back to the home screen to see the effects of your changes. If you are not satisfied with the changes you can always change them.
  8. You can download the NOVA launcher prime to access more customization options.


There you have an easy guide that will allow you to customize your phone so that you have something new and fresh to look forward to.

Do let us know if you have used any other custom launcher and how they have changed the look and feel of your android device.

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