Google Nexus Tablet Release Date: Can We Expect The Nexus Tablet At Google IO This Year?

Google Nexus Tablet

There are rumors of Nexus Tablet getting released at the next Google IO in 2012. Lots of people have already started showing interest in this tablet as Google has announced that the tablet is going to be available within six months. Google announced this tablet in the month of December last year that is in 2011. Before the Nexus tablet comes to the market there are … [Read more...]

Google Is Creating A Nexus Tablet To Compete With Apple’s iPad

Google Nexus Tablet

In an announcement that was reminiscent of its smartphone market strategy, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt announced the development of a tablet, Google Nexus to take on the segment leader iPad from Apple. This is identical to Google’s foray with the Android OS into the phone market dominated by Apple’s iPhone. An Italian newspaper has quoted him saying, “In … [Read more...]

A Nexus Tablet From Google To Slay The Kindle Fire? Hold On Folks

Google Nexus Tablet

The blazing news on the web is regarding Google’s very own Nexus tablet based on the Android platform. But the latest twist in the story goes something like this: This rumored Nexus tablet will not be launched to annihilate the iPad but will rather be positioned against the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s popular tablet. The device is likely to come with a price tag lower than … [Read more...]

How To Take Screenshots On Your Android Device

Screenshot app v1.00

When android 4.0 was launched it introduced a host of new features and among them was the ability to take screenshot of what you are doing on your device. This feature has been available on IPhone from quite some time but sadly it was missing in android but now no need to worry because the device that come with android 4.0 can easily take screenshots. There are … [Read more...]

How To Set Up Virtual Hardware Buttons On Your Android


When you take your phone on contract you will be stuck with your phone for at least 2yrs or so. During that time your phone will go under lot of wear and tear especially the hardware buttons. Over the course of time you will notice that the buttons are hard to press or they are slow to respond. Sometime they tend to stop responding. This is particularly seen with … [Read more...]

How To Remove Bloatware From Your Android Device


Most android users must have heard of the term called bloatware which is basically all the preinstalled apps that the manufacturers put in the phone. Most of the time the apps are useless and they just eat up precious memory or even you’re RAM thus slowing down the phone. The worst part of bloatware is that you can’t remove them easily through normal means. To … [Read more...]

How To Improve Android’s Sound Quality


These days android smartphones are becoming so powerful essentially they have become our portable entertainment system. With the large amazing display any video you play looks crisp and it makes it a worthwhile to spend time on a movie or an episode while waiting for your train to arrive. But sometimes the sound quality of your device may not be up to what you … [Read more...]

How To Block Unwanted Calls In Your Android Device


Many times a day you might receive prank calls from certain numbers or even receive calls from certain telemarketers during important time of the day or when you are sleeping and at times it gets quite annoying. You can opt to block the calls through your subscriber but this often involved calling the customer service and waiting for minutes before you can activate … [Read more...]

How To Add Themes To Your Android Phone


There are many ways with which you can customize your android phone. The first step of customizing your android phone is rooting your device so that you are able to install root only apps. These apps allow you to access the system files of your device and as a result allow you to even customize the resolution of the display. You can install custom launcher on your … [Read more...]

How To Overclock Your Android Device


You might be happy with your android device but sometimes you have noticed while launching an app or some game your android device becomes slow and laggy. Well you can prevent that from happening by overclocking your android device so that you can get the optimum speed. But remember while overclocking might improve the speed of your device the drain on your battery … [Read more...]