How To Translate Printed Text With Your Android Phone

We print a lot of documents and sometimes there are some words or texts that we are not able to understand because either they are in some foreign language of we are not sure about the exact meaning of the word.

This problem can be easily solved by using Google Googles. This software is very intuitive because it will recognize the image that you have selected and perform a automated Google search and give you all the relevant information about the specific image. So you can use this service also for translating texts that are hard to understand easily.


So we have prepared a simple guide that will help you to use Google Googles to translate printed texts that are difficult to understand.

How To Use Google Googles For Translation

1. You need to download Google Goolges from the play store and install it on your android device. After installing it tap on it to launch the app and you will see four options. Click on snapshot and point your phones camera at the text you want translated.


2. Now when you point your camera look at the lower bottom right corner of the screen and you will notice an interest button. This button will allow you to highlight or select specific areas of the image in this case you use the button to select the text that you want translated. After you have selected the text then press the shutter button.


3. The app will take the photo of the text that you highlighted with the interest button and then it will began searching for a suitable match for the text. It will take a few second and then display the matching sentence or word at the bottom.


4. When you tap on the translated text you can view the page from where the translation was taken from. Googles will also perform a complete web search for the text that you had selected and show you the relevant phrases of where and how it can be used.


So there you have an easy to follow guide with which you can use Google Googles to search for the translation of a specific text. You can also use Google Googles similarly to search for a number of things that you are not sure of.

Do let us know if there are any tips on how to use Google Googles and for wht other purposes it can be used for.

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