How To Give Root Access To Your Apps In Your Android Device


In our previous articles we have written the benefits of rooting your device and also more specifically on how to root your android device. We also mentioned one of the benefits of rooting yourd device is that you are able to install root only apps from the play store which allows you to have greater control over your phone. This control comes from the apps accessing … [Read more...]

How To Extend The Battery Life Of Your Android Device


We need our android device for many things in our life and with all the apps that we need it increases the battery drain of your phone. The most frustrating part of the day becomes when you are using your phone for a walk and you get the notification that your battery is low and to connect the charger and then you are reminded with beeps constantly till your phone … [Read more...]

How To Back Up Your Apps In An Android Phone

titanium backup

Linking your android phone with your Google account is a great way to back up your app because in cases where you have to reset your phone then all the apps that you have ever downloaded can be easily accessible from the play store. But not all apps are available in the play store especially the apps that you have downloaded from forums or from some third party … [Read more...]

How To Add Or Remove Apps From A Custom ROM

custom ROM

Once you have rooted your android device you can install custom ROM and get access to new features that is able to breathe new life to your aging android device. The number of custom ROM available for android devices are immense and selecting one of them to match your need is a daunting process. Yet sometimes the number of ROM for a particular device is limited and … [Read more...]

How To Use The Trigger App To Control Your Android Device


Android is a highly customizable OS that lets you choose how you want your phone to behave in your day to day usage. Even if you get bored with how your android device looks and behaves you can always download one of the many custom launchers that are available in the Play store to get a completely new user experience out of the same device. Recently a new type of … [Read more...]

How To Use Google Maps Offline By Downloading Areas


Google maps is used widely by majority of the people to access different areas of the world during their travel and such but initially the maps were only accessible if you had either a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. But not anymore because now Google has made their maps available for downloads so that you can view them offline. This feature will enable you to view … [Read more...]

How To Root Your Android Device


Android is the highly versatile OS available till date. It is highly customizable and if you are unhappy with how the phone works then you can change or customize the entire way your phone behaves to match your needs. While most people are happy with the customizable option that android offers but you can open a whole new level of customization by rooting your … [Read more...]

How To Master The Movie Studio App In Your Android


There are many movie editing apps available in the market but none of them were compatible with android until the release of Android 4.0 Ice cream sandwich which brought with it a host of new feature and one of them was the ability to edit movies. The devices that come preinstalled with Android 4.0 already have the movie studio app built in but the people who are … [Read more...]

How To Flash A ROM In Your Android Device


If you have rooted your android device then you may have noticed that you have access to the system files and are able to use your device to its full potential. This also allows you to install root only apps from the play store which also allows you to enjoy new features from your android device. In addition to installing root only apps you can also install custom … [Read more...]

How To Find Wi-Fi Hotspots Using Android


Using a Wi-Fi connection for your internet needs is very beneficial as compared to using your cellular data because you are not concerned with the increased amount of bill that you might incur in the process. Also Wi-Fi connection allows you high speed streaming and download without any worries. So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow you to get free … [Read more...]