World’s Simplest Phone Launched In England Without Display – OwnFone


Do you believe a mobile gadget can come without a display screen in this hi-tech world? Do you also believe it can dial up to 12 dedicated numbers only? No, isn't it? OwnFone will make you believe. OwnFone has come up with the simplest phone in the world. It is best suited for your children and elderly people. It has no display and only can hold up to 12 printed … [Read more...]

LG To Launch 2D, 3D Games For Cinema 3D Smart TVs


LG Electronics is coming up with a new game portal that will offer gamers with 2D and 3D games for its giant 3D Smart TVs. This will of course be a new gaming entertainment than what we have been for last few years or a decade. The Cinema 3D Smart TVs portal will feature user-friendly searching, purchasing as well as playing game apps in both the dimensional … [Read more...]

Apple’s HDTV or iTV not releasing soon: Report


Amid the rumors of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, will the Apple HDTV be making its existence anytime soon? According to reports published in Fortune magazine, the iDevice giant may not releases its HDTV, rumored to be named as iTV, for quite some time. The published report is based on the "company update" that was issued by Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves on … [Read more...]

iPhone5mod To Stop Selling Mod Kit On Apple’s Warning Letter


If you are looking for buying unofficial iPhone mod kit to turn your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into much awaited iPhone 5 then you need to hurry up. You have only two more days to do so. Apple is stopping the seller sites to do so. According to, the iDevice giant is stopping them from selling iPhone 5 mod kits. is a China-based … [Read more...]

How To Add Or Change Moderators (Admin) For Your Facebook Fan Page

Add Or Change Facebook Page Admin

Facebook pages are designed for businesses. We all know that businesses may consist of more than one owner. With this, a Facebook page may have a lot of admins and that is unlimited. However, if you are just a starter, you may find it hard looking for ways to add or even just manage the admins of your page. Recently, Facebook added a feature which also assigns … [Read more...]

How To Add A Google Sitemap To Your Blogger Blog

Google Sitemap For Blogger

If you are a blogger, you might always encounter the term XML Sitemap file. This consists of all the articles which are included on your website. Also, the XML sitemap will help you to identify the list of articles which are used by Google and other search engines to crawl in your website. However, some search engines may skip some of the XML Sitemap files which … [Read more...]

McDonald’s Starts Accepting PayPal Payment In Select Restaurants


Soon you may be able to make payment to McDonald's through PayPal mobile app. Yes, the food chain is testing this payment method. Reuters reported that thirty McDonald's restaurants in France are put into this payment testing technology as a trial that will allow customers to purchase their means with the help of their mobile devices. Customers will make the … [Read more...]

No Price Cut For PS Vita This Year: Sony

ps vita

Sony said today it is too early to slash down the price of its PS Vita. It said the engineers are working on how to curtail the manufacturing cost of the console, but the price cut won't happen anytime this year. Sony reduced the price of Nintendo 3DS when it was not selling well. This helped the second 3DS to become more successful than the first one. The original … [Read more...]

Google’s Street View Reaches Brazil, Mexico


Google has expanded its Street View areas further. Now it has traveled to Brazil and Mexico. The Web giant announced today that the Street View service of its Google Maps now shows streets of Brazil as well as Mexico. In Brazil the coverage of Street View includes colonial cities such as Fortaleza, coastal landmarks like that of Salvador, Natal and Recife, and … [Read more...]

How To Make a Mobile Version of Your Blogger Blog

How To Make a Mobile Version of Your Blogger Blog

In today’s busy and hectic life, people usually get less time to sit back and go through a blog or website. Therefore people use to visit their favourite blogs on the go on their mobile phones. The blogger default mobile version is nothing but just an over untidy version of your cool blog. Blogger doesn’t allow you to freely edit the template of mobile version as it … [Read more...]