World’s Simplest Phone Launched In England Without Display – OwnFone

Do you believe a mobile gadget can come without a display screen in this hi-tech world? Do you also believe it can dial up to 12 dedicated numbers only? No, isn’t it? OwnFone will make you believe.

OwnFone has come up with the simplest phone in the world. It is best suited for your children and elderly people. It has no display and only can hold up to 12 printed numbers. You just need to click the printed name to dial the dedicated number. Nothing more you get on this phone. No keypad also. Yeah, but you can receive calls from any number. Isn’t it the simplest phone so far across the world and best suited for those who just know how to click and dial.

The OwnFone is targeting those parents who want their children to only call selected numbers and calling is too easy. Elderly people will like the simple design and format of the phone.

The phone is customizable and you can chose to go with either two, four, eight or twelve contacts on it. The name of the contacts will be printed in black and white box above the call control button and volume. It is also headset compatible and got LED light for status. Apart from black and white color, you can also chose other shades such as red and white, green and white etc.

The OwnFone is only 7mm thick and it weighs just 40 grams. It is equipped with fairly good battery to last for about three days.

The phone is priced tagged 55 euros and is currently made available in the England and Ireland. It will also be launched in other countries, says the company.

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