How To Add Or Change Moderators (Admin) For Your Facebook Fan Page

Facebook pages are designed for businesses. We all know that businesses may consist of more than one owner. With this, a Facebook page may have a lot of admins and that is unlimited.

However, if you are just a starter, you may find it hard looking for ways to add or even just manage the admins of your page. Recently, Facebook added a feature which also assigns limited roles for different admins which we can say is a huge leap when it comes to security on Facebook pages.

Add Or Change Facebook Page Admin

Add Or Change Moderators (Admin) For Your Facebook Fan Page

1. Log in to your Facebook account and go to your Facebook page. That can be accesses on the drop down menu which you always click before logging out. After getting into your Facebook page, go to the “Admin Panel” and click “Edit Page”. From there, look for the “Admin roles” option.

2. In adding a particular admin, you are required to input the email address of the admin. Keep in mind that the email to be used is the email address used by that incoming admin in logging into the Facebook account.

As you type in their email address, you will have several options to be chosen which their expected roles are. Choose one and make sure to read the limitation of each role. Actually, choosing the role of each admin is the most crucial since you do not want your Facebook page to be messed up because of mistakes. Think deeply on this part.

3. After deciding who are the admin s and their respective roles, you may now hit the “Save” button to save the changes. However, for added security, Facebook will once again ask your Facebook account password. This is to ensure that it is really “you” who is adding and editing admins.

Highlighting Admin’s Facebook Profile and Other Facebook Page on Facebook Page

This is another innovative way of promoting your profile as the admin of your page. With this, your Facebook profile will be visible on the page.

1. Start on your Facebook page. Look for the “Edit Page” tab and select the “Feature’ option. From there, another menu will appear and choose “Featured Page Owners”. After that, just choose your Facebook profile from the choices of Facebook profiles of admins. After that, your Facebook profile will now be visible on the “About” tab of the Facebook page.

2. You can also allow a different Facebook page (you should be an admin) on that particular Facebook page. Just go back to the “Featured” option or tab and then choose “Add Featured Likes” then click on the Facebook page you wanted to be featured.

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