iPhone5mod To Stop Selling Mod Kit On Apple’s Warning Letter

If you are looking for buying unofficial iPhone mod kit to turn your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S into much awaited iPhone 5 then you need to hurry up. You have only two more days to do so. Apple is stopping the seller sites to do so.

According to iPhone5mod.com, the iDevice giant is stopping them from selling iPhone 5 mod kits.

iPhone5mod.com is a China-based Website that sells the mod kits. It said on a blog post Apple has sent an authorized warning letter to it mentioning the site is selling “counterfeit Apple merchandise”.

The site says of stopping the sell of such mod within next 48 hours to prevent further troubles. Customers who have placed order will be getting the product on time. New customers only got 48 hours of time to place the order and it will be placed accordingly.

On their site the company has placed a counter showing how many hours are left to place new order.

Whether the letter is real Apple has not said any word.

The mod being sold on iPhone5mod.com is based on the leaks of the upcoming device on the Web.

Have you thought of buying such mod for your existing iPhone device? Do share your experience in the below given comment box.

[Image Courtesy: iPhone5mod.com]

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