How To Add A Google Sitemap To Your Blogger Blog

If you are a blogger, you might always encounter the term XML Sitemap file. This consists of all the articles which are included on your website. Also, the XML sitemap will help you to identify the list of articles which are used by Google and other search engines to crawl in your website.

However, some search engines may skip some of the XML Sitemap files which may be crawled by other search engines. This may happen for plenty of reasons but in short, detection of XML Sitemap files depends on how the search engine treats it so.

Google Sitemap For Blogger

Problem with the Blogger’s XML Sitemap Files

We all know that Blogger is a free carrier of numerous blog sites. Although Blogger also offers XML Sitemap files, it is limited. Let’s say you have already gained more than 100 pages on your site. But, Blogger does allow only 26 XML Sitemaps which is very weak if you are trying your website to be crawled by major search engines.

Since this is a huge problem for Search Engine Optimization, this can be fixed easily by using a trick. This involves the robot.txt file which is now used by SEO experts to rank a website higher. Actually, this is a helpful information for those Blogger blog owners who are trying to optimize their site but not informed on the limitations of Blogger with regards to XML Sitemap.

Having a Complete Sitemap for you Blogger Blog

This process and trick is allowed for the blogs who are using the free domain ( and other Blogger hosted blogs which already have omitted the blogspot from it’s domain name (

1. To get started, you will need to go to this link: which is a sitemap generator. You just need to type in the full address of your Blogger which can be the free domain or the paid hosted domain.

2. Then, click the “Create Sitemap” button and the online tool will immediately create the text which can be added to your sitemap. Just copy the entire executed text to the clipboard.

3. Proceed now to your Blogger dashboard. Under the “Settings” tab, choose the “Search Preferences” and make sure to allow the custom robots.txt. This is available in indexing and crawling to your Blogger site. Copy the text on your clipboard and paste it there.

After this process, search engines are now allowed to crawl to your Blogger site and be indexed in a few days. This will also remove the needs of pinging the blog manually.

As of now, robot.txt can be used not just to allow Blogger to share your full XML Sitemap but to also help other non-Blogger sites to be easily crawled by search engines particularly with Google.

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  1. What if I moved from to .com on godaddy and now in my webmsater’s tools I have sitemap error 404? Any help?

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