No Price Cut For PS Vita This Year: Sony

Sony said today it is too early to slash down the price of its PS Vita. It said the engineers are working on how to curtail the manufacturing cost of the console, but the price cut won’t happen anytime this year.

Sony reduced the price of Nintendo 3DS when it was not selling well. This helped the second 3DS to become more successful than the first one. The original 3DS was sold 2.3 million units where as the second edition crossed the mark of 4.5 million units. The same is expected for the PS Vita too.

Sony’s Wordlwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said they are trying to add more value to the PS Vita this year than to think over the price cut. The company is planning to create different bundles with it. Recently the gaming giant announced LittleBigPlanet PS Vita bundle pack, and this worked as a good deal to many.

Speaking to the Eurogamer Mr Yoshida added that price cut this year is too early for PS Vita.

The PS Vita was launched last year in December in Japan and it was released in late-February to rest of the world.

Are you using this gaming handheld or waiting for a price cut? Do not wait if you have planned to buy one. There will be no price cut for at least 5-6 months, and not in this holiday season of course. Also, do share your views using the below given comment box.

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