Apple’s HDTV or iTV not releasing soon: Report

Amid the rumors of iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, will the Apple HDTV be making its existence anytime soon?

According to reports published in Fortune magazine, the iDevice giant may not releases its HDTV, rumored to be named as iTV, for quite some time. The published report is based on the “company update” that was issued by Pacific Crest analyst Andy Hargreaves on Friday. On Wednesday Mr Hargreaves attended a meeting with Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer and senior VP for Internet services and software Eddy Cue.

Hargreaves says the Apple people supposedly talked about the HDTV efforts and its difficulties in getting rights from broadcasters and content owners.

Now it seems the world dominating plan of Apple for changing the vision of living room will not be seen in near future.

Well, if HDTV does not make its way, Apple may convert it to set-top box initially and when everything is in line then actual HDTV may be pushed.

Mr Hargreaves says Apple won’t be entering the TV sector until it is able to secure all the rights to fulfill its vision. In fact the Apple’s vision is scaring the content owners, networks as well as the cable operators too.

One recent report says Apple wants to offer in iTV project a DVR service that will make storing TV shows in the cloud. This will make user to start any show at any time. Users can even restart a show minutes after it has started. This feature is similar to that of Time Warner’s Start Over.

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  1. I just don’t know what to make of Apple’s
    “speculations”. I have Dish, and when I heard about AppleTV,
    iTV, GoogleTV and more, I was immediately skeptical. Not because I don’t
    think it could be accomplished, as it most certainly will, but because I don’t
    know why such hype is being made with a hypothetical product. I’m
    extremely pleased with my new Hopper, which has the most features/functions of
    any DVR to date. A Dish coworker convinced me to try it, and this is like
    nothing I have ever seen. I can automatically record all prime time shows
    on the big four networks with Prime Time Anytime; I can record up to 6 live HD
    programs at once, and have over 2,000 hours recording space. I also like
    the web-integrated feature like Facebook, Twitter, Pandora and Texas Hold ‘Em.
    Last time I checked, Apple was still trying to make an Ad-Free radio
    service. I wonder how long all of this talk will take to pan out.

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