How To Assign A Static USB Drive Letter In Windows 7

Static USB Drive Letter

These days USB drives have become very cheap and small enough to be carried around easily. This enables us to carry our necessary files with us at all times and also allows us to restore our backups easily without the need for carrying around bulky device. So you have a USB drive with you with large capacity that you frequently use either for transferring files or … [Read more...]

How To Turn Your Windows 8 Laptop Into An Wi-Fi Hotspot

Laptop Into A Wifi Hotspot

You must have gone through our previous article on how to turn your windows 7 laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot and it must have helped you out a lot. But what happens if you are using a Windows 8 laptop? Well don’t worry because we have prepared a guide for you with which you can turn the laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot device and use its internet connection for your other … [Read more...]

How To Benchmark Your Windows PC

Benchmark Windows PC

Sometimes we have different software’s to use or we just want to brag to our friends what our PC is able to accomplish and how quickly. So for those purposes we need to benchmark our PC and find out what the hardware is able to handle. Benchmarking has several advantages namely you get to know if certain games or applications will be able to run on your system or … [Read more...]

How To Create Custom Bookmark Folder In Mozilla Firefox

Custom Bookmark Folder Mozilla Firefox

You must be having lots of bookmarks in your Firefox that you visit most frequently. Also when you access the bookmarks in Firefox you notice that there is a most visited folder that lists your most visited bookmarks. Now wouldn’t it be great that you were able to create a folder with which you are able to organize all your bookmarks so that it’s much easier to … [Read more...]

How To Turn Your Windows 7 Laptop Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot

windows 7 laptop as wifi hotspot

There are times when you need to connect your other portable devices to internet to either update them or you need to download some sort of applications but you don’t have any sort of internet connection or WI-FI connectivity available. In those cases you can turn your windows 7 laptop into a portable Hotspot device with which you can use your laptop’s internet … [Read more...]

How To Create A Wireless Ad Hoc Network In Windows 7

Wireless Ad Hoc Network

When you are traveling you often don’t have WI-FI connection available for you to use with your portable device or an internet connection which you can share with your wireless devices. For this purpose you need to create an ad hoc network which will allow your computer and devices to connect with each other and share data. You might ask what an ad hoc network … [Read more...]

Larry Page Confirms Google Nexus Tablet

Google Nexus Tablet

In the recently-concluded quarterly earnings call, Google's CEO Larry Page made an interesting statement about the much hyped Nexus Tablet. He told that the Google tablet will be a lower priced one much similar to Amazon's Kindle Fire. He also mentioned that Google's focus on lower priced tablets will be their best bet against Apple's iPad. He also believes that … [Read more...]

How To Convert DMG Files To ISO Files


DMG files are the most famous file container through which most popular file format through which many popular software are distributed in the MAC OS X. But don’t worry you can convert these files into ISO format so you can easily load those image files in to your Windows PC also. We have prepared a guide for you which will enable you to convert the DMG files to … [Read more...]

How To Use File History Feature In Windows 8

File History Feature Windows 8

You must have heard of the feature that has been available in the MAC OS X for quite some time now called the TIME MACHINE feature which enables you to make up regular backups of your files and settings and restore those backups very easily at the click of a button. If you have been wishing for such a feature than you don’t have to wish for it any longer because a … [Read more...]