How To Create A Wireless Ad Hoc Network In Windows 7

When you are traveling you often don’t have WI-FI connection available for you to use with your portable device or an internet connection which you can share with your wireless devices. For this purpose you need to create an ad hoc network which will allow your computer and devices to connect with each other and share data.

Wireless Ad Hoc Network

You might ask what an ad hoc network is. Ad hoc network is a type of local network which you can create in moment’s notice without any advanced setup procedures. Creation of ad hoc network existed since the time of Windows XP.

So we have prepared a guide for you that will enable you to create ad hoc network quickly so that you can share data and internet connection with your other portable wireless devices.

How To Create An Ad Hoc Network

  1. Open your start menu and in the search box type wireless and then click on Manage Wireless Networks
  2. After the window opens click on Add to add a wireless network.
  3. In the following window you will be given two options whether you want to manually create a network profile or create an ad hoc network. So click on create an ad hoc network.
  4. You will be presented with a brief introduction on what is an ad hoc network you can read through it to understand then click on next
  5. You must give network name and also input a password if you want to secure your connection. Make sure to click on Save this network
  6. Wait a few moments while the network is being created. After the network is created you will be presented with a message saying that your network is ready to use.
  7. If you want to verify that the network is created then click on the wireless icon on your taskbar and you can see that the ad hoc network you created is waiting for users
  8. The computer that you want to connect to the ad hoc network just click on the wireless icon and you will be shown a list of the available connection so select your ad hoc network and then click on connect
  9. If you check the host machine then you can see the name of the computer that is connected.
  10. Now you can share files easily between the two machines.
  11. To share an internet connection you need to right click the wireless icon on the host machine and then click on properties > sharing tab and select Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection
  12. You can now share files and internet connection between the devices easily.

We hope that our guide was helpful in allowing you to create an ad hoc network which will also enable you to share an internet connection between devices. You can create the ad hoc network within minutes without any hassle.

Do let us know if you come across any other way with which you can use share internet connection between devices and also files wirelessly.

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