How To Turn Your Windows 7 Laptop Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot

There are times when you need to connect your other portable devices to internet to either update them or you need to download some sort of applications but you don’t have any sort of internet connection or WI-FI connectivity available.

In those cases you can turn your windows 7 laptop into a portable Hotspot device with which you can use your laptop’s internet connection to connect other devices to the net.

windows 7 laptop as wifi hotspot

To allow you to do this we have a prepared a guide for you with which you can turn your laptop into a portable hotspot within few seconds.

Use Connectify To Turn Your Laptop Into A Wi-Fi Hotspot

  1. Download and install connectify on your laptop
  2. You can access the connectify from the taskbar and go to settings of the app
  3. Enter a name of the Wi-Fi network along with a password for accessing it. You also need to decide what kind of internet connection you want to share as it allows LAN, Virutalbox, Host-only and wireless network connection
  4. When you have selected the type of internet connection you want to share then click on Start hotspot button
  5. It will start running and you can connect other wireless devices to your laptop
  6. Now to connect another laptop to your connectify running laptop open up the Wireless network manager and you will see the hotspot that you have created in the list.
  7. When you attempt to connect it will ask for the password that you have entered in connectify while creating the network connection
  8. After you have entered the password wait a few seconds as it acquires the network settings and ID. Then your laptop will be connected to the newly created Hotspot
  9. If you go to the main window of connectify there you can see the different type of devices that are currently connected to your laptop or hotspot.
  10. If you want try different option in running the hotspot then right click on the connectify icon that is on your taskbar and select the options you want to try.

Connectify works properly and also the signal strength to other devices is adequate. You can connect multiple devices but you might face some slow down due to the clogging of the network.

Also the speed of the connection depends on what kind of hardware is being used to send and receive the signal. But generally the performance is quite good and also this is the best option if you want to create a Hotspot connection quickly.

Do let us know what you think and if you know of any other ways with which you can turn your laptop in to a hotspot so that you can use the internet connection for your other portable devices.

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