How To Assign A Static USB Drive Letter In Windows 7

These days USB drives have become very cheap and small enough to be carried around easily. This enables us to carry our necessary files with us at all times and also allows us to restore our backups easily without the need for carrying around bulky device.

So you have a USB drive with you with large capacity that you frequently use either for transferring files or for making backups. But every time you plug the USB into your windows 7 laptop or computer the drive letter keeps on changing which at times can get confusing.

Static USB Drive Letter

There is a way with which you can make a constant drive letter so that every time you plug it in it will show the same drive letter. So we have prepared a guide for you that will allow assigning a specific drive letter which never changes.

How To Assign A Static Drive Letter

  1. Open your start menu and click on control panel
  2. After you enter control panel and you have category view then click on system and security
  3. After you enter system and security scroll down till you see administrative tools and click on it
  4. After you click on administrative tools a separate window will open which will show you the list of tools that are available. So locate computer management and double click it
  5. After the computer management box opens then look on the left side and click on disk management
  6. Before clicking on disk management make sure that your USB drive is plugged in
  7. In disk management window you can see the list of all the drives in your computer. Right click on your USB drive and click on Change Drive Letter and paths
  8. The dialog box that opens will show the current drive letter that is assigned so click on change button
  9. In change drive letter or path box click on assign the following drive letter and select the available drive letters.
  10. It is advisable to select drive letters between M and Z so that they don’t change. If you select anything else there is a possibility they might still end up changing every time you plug in your device.
  11. Now click ok and a warning dialog box will pop so click on yes to close it
  12. Now exit on the computer management window and also close the control panel and restart your computer to apply the changes.
  13. Now every time you plug in your USB device it should have a static drive letter assigned to it.

There you have a simple guide with which you can assign static drive letter to your USB drive. You can assign static drive letter to other USB devices that you have so that every time you plug them in they show the same drive letter.

Do let us know if you know of any other way with which you can assign static drive letter.

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