How To Use File History Feature In Windows 8

You must have heard of the feature that has been available in the MAC OS X for quite some time now called the TIME MACHINE feature which enables you to make up regular backups of your files and settings and restore those backups very easily at the click of a button.

If you have been wishing for such a feature than you don’t have to wish for it any longer because a similar feature is available in the windows 8 which has been released for testing and this feature just like the TIME MACHINE in MAC OS X will enable you to make regular backups of your files and settings.

File History Feature Windows 8

So we have prepared a guide which will enable you to set up the FIle History Feature in windows 8 and never worry about losing your files and settings. For this feature to work you can either set up a networked folder or use a USB drive.

To use the USB drive you need to turn it on from the settings of the File history. Read on to find out how to use the File History.

How To Set Up File History For Networked Shared Folder

1. To set up the shared folder you need to create the folder and share it on your network folder. So head over to your networked folder and create a folder with the name File History to make the process easy

2. After you have created the folder right click on it and navigate to share with and when the list expands click on specific people.

3. Now type Everyone and click the add button

4. Now the everyone that you have created you need to change the permissions so that everyone can get Read/Write permissions to this folder

5. Now on your windows 8 machine go to the classic desktop and enter the good old fashioned control panel or if you have followed out earlier post and added the control panel as a tile on your metro UI then launch it.

6. After opening control panel click on system and security and the click on File History

7. After you have entered the file history click on change drive which you can notice on the left side.

8. Once you have entered the change drive settings page you need to add your network location so browse to the shared folder that you have created on your server and click on select folder button

9. Make sure that network location is selected and click the ok button

10. After you have added the network location of the shared folder that you have created now you can turn on the file history

How To Use File History To Restore A File Or Folder

1.  Now suppose that you have deleted one or two important files from your documents library which you need now but how to restore them? Well select File History from the ribbon menu

2. After you click File History it will launch the file history in the documents library and show you the different version of the document library.

3. You can scroll through the dates and go to the date when the file that you deleted is still present.

4. Select the file you want and then click on the blue orb with the curved arrow and the file will be restored to your documents library.

There you go an easy guide that will help you to set up and use file history of windows 8. So now you don’t have to worry about deleting files accidentally which you might end up needing in future.

Do let us know what you think and how it worked out for you.

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