How To Convert DMG Files To ISO Files

DMG files are the most famous file container through which most popular file format through which many popular software are distributed in the MAC OS X. But don’t worry you can convert these files into ISO format so you can easily load those image files in to your Windows PC also.

We have prepared a guide for you which will enable you to convert the DMG files to ISO file so that you can burn them to your disc or even install the program in your Windows PC.  So let’s head over the guide now.

Converting DMG Files To ISO Files

  1. Head over to this website to download the file dmg2img by clicking on win32 binary
  2. After the file has downloaded head over to the place where it has downloaded and right click on the file to extract the contents of the file
  3. When you right click the file you will be asked the folder where you have to extract the contents so select the current folder you are in.
  4. Now look towards the left side and right click on downloads folder and click on open command window here
  5. After you have opened the command window enter the following command to convert the DMG file to ISO file dmg2img <source file.dmg> <destination file.iso>
  6. Example I have the DMG file on my desktop and save the ISO converted file in my documents so the command would be like this dmg2img C:UsersbesttechtipsDesktoprandom.dmg C:UsersbesttechtipsDocumentsConvertedRandom.iso
  7. After the DMG file has been converted to ISO file it will be saved in the location that you have specified. To check if the file is working mount it in a virtual drive and check whether it runs or not.
  8. Now you can burn the file to a DVD or CD

There you go an easy way with which you can convert the DMG file to an ISO file so that you can use it in your windows PC. You can use this method for converting any DMG file which is available for MAC OS X to a readable file in windows PC.

Do let us know if you come across any other way with which you can convert the DMG file to ISO file.


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  1. ciao, ho provato ad effettuare il metodo sopra descritto, ma la finestra del programma appare solo per qualche secondo e poi scompare.

    • Sathishkumar says:

      Hi Antonio,

      You should exactly follow the steps given above. I am sure it will work, if you don’t miss a single step given here!

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