Larry Page Confirms Google Nexus Tablet

In the recently-concluded quarterly earnings call, Google’s CEO Larry Page made an interesting statement about the much hyped Nexus Tablet. He told that the Google tablet will be a lower priced one much similar to Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

He also mentioned that Google’s focus on lower priced tablets will be their best bet against Apple’s iPad. He also believes that the cost of iPad have already made many people to look for alternatives and with a lower priced tablet, Google will easily close the tablet market share between Apple.

Larry Page also thinks that by capturing the lower priced tablet market share with a Nexus tablet, Google might close the gap between the Android and iOS.

In truth, Amazon’s Kindle Fire which is running on Android Gingerbread (Android 2.3) already made a significant process in closing the between the Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. But Larry Page thinks that Amazon Kindle Fire will not be considered as an Android Tablet.

Well, its true because Amazon made many changes in their Kindle Fire which on first look will never look like an Android Tablet. They have replaced Google Play Store with Amazon App Store, Kindle Store, Video Store and Amazon MP3. Larry Page believes these changes makes Kindle Fire an Amazon tablet and not an Google Android Tablet.

Many analysts now knows clearly that Google is creating the Nexus Tablet, but they don’t know whether the device will be able to compete with the Apple iPad. Well, even if Google Nexus Tablet won’t compete with the Apple tablet, it will definitely give a hard run to Kindle Fire and it might take the second spot in the tablet market share within a short time.

Source: Eastern Morning Herald

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