How To Dual Boot Windows 8 Consumer Preview

With the release of the Windows 8 consumer preview many of the users out there are very eager to try out the new windows and see what it has to offer and what major changes have been made since the introduction of windows 7.

As you know the windows 8 consumer preview is available for download from the Microsoft website in the form of ISO image. Many of the users who have run the setup in order to dual boot have been left baffled because there is no such option.

Dual Boot Windows 8

Moreover you only get the option of upgrading your windows 7 to windows 8 rather than a fresh install. Worry not because we have prepared a guide for you that will enable you to dual boot windows 8 in your machine.

Instructions For Dual Booting

  1. Download the image file from the Microsoft website and be sure to note down the product key which Microsoft has provided in order to install the windows.
  2. After you have completed the download now you need to have a partition in your computer which you will use to install the windows 8
  3. If you do not have a partition ready then you can create one by using the disk management system in your windows.
  4. Download either PowerISO or daemon tools either of them will do the job
  5. If you have installed daemon tools then look at your taskbar you will see a small icon right click it and go to virtual devices and then on the virtual drive select mount image.
  6. Browse to the folder where you have downloaded the image file and open it.
  7. The image file will be loaded in the virtual drive and either it will appear as autoplay or you have to go to my computer and enter the virtual drive.
  8. After you enter my computer right click the virtual drive and click on open
  9. After you open it don’t click on the setup.exe file in front of you because it will open the installed that will cause you to upgrade your windows to windows 8
  10. Instead go to the sources folder and run the setup file from there.
  11. Once the setup starts choose to install updates from internet because then you will have all the required files which will make the setup a smooth process.
  12. When the next window opens select the 2nd option which is custom install windows only advanced.
  13. Select the partition where you want to set up the windows 8 and click next.
  14. During the installation process your PC will restart several times.
  15. After installation is complete you will be asked to select a default OS so select windows 7
  16. Now whenever you start your PC you will be introduced to a new boot loader screen from which you can boot into the windows of your choice.

I hope the guide has helped you to dual boot windows 8 alongside your previous windows installation. You can employ it windows vista or windows XP also.

So let us know how you found the windows 8 consumer preview.

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