Guide to Building Your Own Computer part 3

In the previous guide we have covered the importance of owning a good graphic card if you really need one. Also selecting good hard drives is very important for getting a smooth performance from your PC. Well now the remaining parts in the guide to building your own computer will be covered which are very important but we hardly pay attention to.

Building Computer

1.  Which Computer Casing Should I Get?

Well it’s not very difficult to answer. Well in the market there are many types of casing available from simple to more flashy towering ones. Well one thing to remember is that the more expensive case the more quieter and cooler your pc will run. Also they allow for easy removal and maintenance of the interior of the casing.

The less expensive ones well what to say they do not provide much ventilation and are not that easy to remove and perform maintenance.  If your building a computer that your planning to show off to your mates and also for playing games and processor heavy applications then go for the expensive casing because it will be better in the long run for ventilation and also they look pretty nice. But if you just planning to keep it under the table and for normal use then go for the normal casing it will also perform the job

2.  Selecting a good power supply:

The power supply is the heart of your system and if its dead then your entire system is dead so you have to be very careful when your selecting a power supply. A bad power supply might also spell doom for other components of your system. There are many brands of power supply available but what you need is a power supply that has all the available connectors.

If you’re a gamers and you have bought a high end graphics card then it means that GFX card needs a separate power supply so a separate power cable for GFX is necessary. Many power supplies are very smart meaning they only draw enough power which is necessary to run the system so they are very useful at reducing power consumption and will be easier on your electricity bill.

Before you buy a power supply you must make sure that first they provide good warranty services and second that it has good review and also prevents any voltage fluctuation to reach your mother board or other peripherals attached. Many manufacturers do not provide exact information on the power supply so you have to be very careful when going for one.

Well there you have it a detailed guide on how to build a PC on a budget or not on a budget and which will make sure that it fits your requirement no matter what you have planned. If some of the specs are in adequate or not enough then you always have the option to upgrade the components.

But one thing can be said that when you put good amount of money on building your system you can be assured that your system will be up for tackling any kind of problems for atleast next 3 to 5 years by which time your pc would be a relic of the past.

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