RIM’s Future Increasingly Uncertain as Huge Loss Reports Looms

It seems as though Research in Motion’s (RIM) problems just will not cease, as the company prepares to announce quarterly losses even larger than initially expected.

What’s more, concerns are growing that losses will continue to skyrocket for the ailing Canadian brand, if it is unable to come up with and deliver a new market-leading Smartphone by the end of the year.

RIM’s Future Increasingly Uncertain as Huge Loss Reports Looms

BlackBerry 10 Too Little Too Late?

While hopes remains high for the general prowess and capabilities of the BlackBerry 10, few are convinced that it will be the instant success story and thus the lifeline RIM so desperately needs it to be.

RIM continues to struggle in the face of not only growing consumer dissatisfaction with its own BlackBerry, but an enormous and ongoing surge in the popularity of Android and Apple products. Such is the damage being inflicted by its opponents that some analysts are now suggesting that RIM may be heading toward Q1 losses totaling as much as $36.3 million.

Should RIM fail to bring about a BlackBerry 10 release date before the end of the year, 2012 could mark one of the most disastrous declines in the history of the mobile technology market, following RIM’s $4.6 billion profits in 2011.

Unfortunately, a growing number of analysts are now suggesting that any efforts by RIM would essentially prove too little too late, as the gap between themselves and their rivals is simply too enormous to possible traverse at this late juncture.

In other words, while the BlackBerry 10 could prove to be a remarkable device and successful by its own rights, it would serve as nothing other than a means by which to string things out a little further and delay the inevitable.

All-Out Sale in the Pipeline

All such troubles therefore come back around to the ongoing question as to whether or not RIM should or will sell the business as a whole to a rival brand or third-party developer – rumor has it that Microsoft is already the number-one contender for the acquisition.

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