Nintendo Wii U Appears On Amazon Germany – But Don’t Get Too Excited!

Germany’s Amazon store has become the latest merchant to earmark the new Nintendo Wii U for a specific release date – in this instance being December 21st. What’s more, the price of the console has also been listed as a less-than bargain €399.99.

While the listing may have only just appeared, there are two schools of thought as to its authentic and neither is looking particularly promising.

First and foremost, Amazon UK has already delivered a blow to own credibility by previously listing a Nintendo Wii U as available from July 14th and costing a respectable £199. Sadly, this was subsequently removed and replaced with an apology for the mistake they had made.

How embarrassing…

So, the latest listing of the Wii U already has a big question mark hanging over it, made all the more prominent by the bizarre choice of release dates.

True, Nintendo will in all probability have the Wii U boxed up and ready to go long before December – availability not being the issue – but why on Earth would such a major launch be timed for just four days before Christmas?

In order to cope with the demand for the Wii U and indeed capitalize on the biggest buying frenzy of the year, the console would have to be released several weeks, ideally months before the big day.

Just four days??

The results of such a late-launch would be truly catastrophic in no uncertain terms, not only damaging the name of Nintendo when hundreds of thousands of customers were left disappointed, but also playing right into the hands of rivals including Sony and Microsoft.

So, take the latest listing as you will but in my humble opinion at least Amazon has either made another glaring error or is playing a joke on us all…albeit a rather unfunny one.

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