iPhone 5 Casing Strikingly Similar to iPhone 4S

All we know about the iPhone 5 at this juncture in time is that we don’t in fact know anything at all.

Long before the iPhone 4S came even close to hitting the shelves, the masses were already dreaming up their own weird and wonderful rundowns of what the iPhone 5 might deliver – just as remains the case today.

True, we’ve already concluded that the iPhone 5 will serve up a new 4-inch Retina display with resolution of 640 by 1,136, but that’s essentially where the buck stops.

iPhone 5 Casing Strikingly Similar to iPhone 4S

No Mold-Breaker

What has really set the collective imagination of the rumor mill on fire however is the pressing question of how exactly Apple’s ‘revolutionary’ new iPhone 5 will take bold steps forward in terms of appearance. Well, if the latest ‘leaked’ images and reports are to be believed, the iPhone 5 doesn’t appear to be breaking the mold in any way, shape or form.

If genuine, the overall appearance of the new iPhone 5 will be largely identical to the design of the iPhone 4S – or at least largely based thereon. In fact, it seems that apart from the obvious size difference to accommodate the larger screen, the only real difference that will set the iPhone 5 apart from its siblings is the two-tone backing plate already seen on hundreds of so-called leaks.

Fetching of course if a little minor, though rumor has it that the new design will play a significant role in the iPhone 5’s enhanced connectivity including 4G LTE and NFC.

Apple is of course yet to break silence by offering a single detail as to the status or existence of the iPhone 5 project, though word on the street is advising us to prepare for a new arrival early next month.

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