How To Use Windows Installer Disc To Backup Your Files

Sometimes windows doesn’t boot so you are unable to boot into recovery or even start the recovery mode to restore your PC to its previous state. Also sometimes you have no choice but to format your windows installation but it would also mean losing all your precious data.

You can use Linux Live CD to boot into your windows and backup your data before you format your PC. But we have prepared this guide for you where we will show you how to use the windows installer disc to back up your files.


You can use this method on both windows 7 and windows 8 to back up your files.

How To Use Windows Installer Disc To Backup Your Files

  1. Insert your windows installer disc into your DVD drive or use your USB installation drive to boot into your windows installation.
  2. When the installation window opens where you have to click on install now look at bottom left corner of the screen and click on repair your computer
  3. if you are using the windows 8 installer disc then click on troubleshoot > advanced options > command prompt
  4. If you are using the windows 7 installer disc then click on restore your computer using a system image you created earlier then click next. In the subsequent dialogue box that pops up two times click on cancel.
  5. You will see a system recovery options from where you can launch the command prompt
  6. Once in command prompt type notepad and press enter. After notepad launches click on file and click open. Select all file option from the drop down menu.
  7. From this window you can select the files you want and copy them over to your other drive. Make sure not to double click the files.
  8. If during copying the notepad freezes then go back to command prompt and type taskmgr. This will launch the task manager from where you can end the notepad and then launch it again.
  9. Once you are done copying and backing up the files now you can close the notepad and then you can proceed to format and perform a clean install of your windows.


There you have an easy guide that will allow you to backup your files using the windows installation disc if you don’t have the Linux live cd with you.

Do let us know if there is another way with which you can back up your files when your computer doesn’t boot up.

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