How To Use Goolge Plus

Social media and business of any level is now like oxygen to survive. No business can think for customer relations and strategic promotion without social Medias.  The reason is very simple for that people are virtually social now than ever.

They love to hangout on the social Medias and spent a big chunk of their time daily to involve in social media. Most of all these platforms are highly business leveraging because of the higher level of involvement by people. Few years ago the major social Medias were not much in number and people were not involved with much more Facebook or twitter or may be only one.

Use Goolge Plus

Now a days every average people uses about three social media platform and in some case more than that. Now this has become a big challenge for business owner and other people who are trying to make fortune online or may be doing blogging for hobby.

Google Plus Redefining Social Media

To increase exposer to crow most business owner needs to focus on major social Medias and the challenge is to create leverage on the system.  Yes you won’t love to do the same thing again and again manually on every social media and it’s not a business leveraging strategy. Whatever you do it by you or hire some to do it, the strategy is not positive at all.

That was the reason developers were and is still now passionately trying to automate the system to get the most leverage.  The result becomes some fascinating innovation like submitting blog RSS directly to Facebook and twitter and even the back and forth syndication of content is much success full with those web application.

There are applications where you can post a single update and that goes to every major social media platform like Facebook twitter, LinkedIn and other.  That was great till the Big G started the Google plus for getting people more involved.

Yes this throws a challenge to those apps to syndicate into Google plus platform and does not allow syndicating automatically. Google does not like to do so. But some people never stop thinking of leverage.  The idea of leverage comes from the rules of Google. Yes. Google allows syndicating their platform content to other social Medias. That means simply you have make the G plus as your hub and then you can syndicate the content with single click from inside the Google plus.

Yes obviously there is an application on Google plus which allows syndicating the content everywhere. The intelligence is shown by the Rob McGee with a very easy to use service. It’s very easy to set up and you can post all of your updates of Google plus directly on other platforms.

Steps are also simple log into your social media and verify them with the application to start it up.

The facts is all the links will be shortened and images won’t be visible on the social medias like the Google plus.  Another important thing to mention is you have to comment back to interact with your audience on social media by yourself and that won’t be possible to automate with the app.

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