How to Add a Twitter Tab to a Facebook Fan Page?

With so many different social networking avenues available today, there is a bound to be a situation where the convergence of these different mediums is desirable and quite useful for their many users. This article features an explanation that will help you add a Twitter tab to your own Facebook fan page. Many users are active on both these platforms and hence including a Twitter tab on their Facebook timeline can prove quite convenient. It would also make the task of cross promotion a lot easier. But how exactly do you go about this? Read on to know more.


Twitter Icon – Take Your Pick

You can start off by choosing an icon for your Twitter tab on Facebook. Among the more popular destinations for the same is The site plays host to a large collection of icons and you can choose one as per your preference.

Adding a Twitter Tab on Your Facebook Fan Page

  • Start off by putting in your username. This action will also update the HTML code automatically in the concerned box.
  • Next up you are required to choose an icon of your liking by first highlighting and then copying the HTML code associated with that icon. Make sure the code is updated properly with your name in it as there could be an instance where it does not update properly.
  • Now arrive at your Facebook fan page. Go to the left most side of the page’s bottom and look for the ‘Applications’ tab. Click this tab and then look for STATIC FBML.
  • Click on ‘Add to Page’ as soon as STATIC FBML shows up. Doing so will cause a pop-up to appear, which requires you to make a decision about which page to add. For example, you will need to choose between fan-page, personal etc. But here, you need to select the fan-page.
  • Having selected the fan-page, you will be brought to a box where the FBML can be edited. However, you don’t have to edit something here but instead need to paste the code copied in one of the previous steps.
  • After pasting the code onto the FBML box, save the entire operation.
  • Now navigate to your Facebook fab-page where you will be able to see a tab located just above the wall. This tab will be titled ‘Boxes’.
  • You need to click on this tab. An option named ‘Follow Me on Twitter’ will be visible on that page. Towards the right corner of this option a pencil shaped icon can be seen. You need to click on this icon.
  • Clicking on the pencil shaped icon leads to the appearance of this option ‘Move to Wall Tab’. You need to select this option.

That’s it, the option you selected in the previous step will now appear on your fan-page’s left sidebar.

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