Photos Taken with the iPhone 5

The camera has gone from being a child in the phones to be one of the cornerstones of the smartphones today. So, of course, the camera of the iPhone 5 is the center of attention of this post, and in this post we have added the pictures that Apple has published on its website as an example of photographs taken actually with the iPhone 5.

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We have done a thorough review of the iPhone 5 camera and have mentioned all the slightest detail of the iPhone 5 camera specifications and features. The most interesting feature is that the shutter speed is 40% faster than before, maintaining the same pixel density and focal aperture, but the real improvement was seen in the processing of these images and the sapphire lens.

The sapphire lens will provide better clarity in the images and a more vivid color, while the upgraded image processing will give truer colors and better results even in low light, but the focus is kept open. A peculiar thing is that pictures taken in landscape mode will have a size of up to 24 MP.

We can find several variances of significance for the camera in a smartphone, such as the iPhone 4 became the most used camera on Flickr. A journalist covered the London Olympics 2012 with his iPhone 4S only. No other smartphone manufacturer came close to these figures or instances keeping in mind the camera of a smartphone only. Maybe Nokia will take over the stats with its new upcoming phones with Pure View or maybe Apple will hold its position. Let’s see how the market and stats goes after the iPhone 5 reach public.

iPhone 5 Camera Untouched Samples [PHOTOS]


A Seaside Photograph Taken with the 8MP iPhone 5 Camera


iPhone 5 Camera - Actual Photographs

Honey Bee on a Flower Clicked with iPhone 5


iPhone 5 Camera - Actual Photographs

Kid Having Ice Candy – Photo taken with an iPhone 5


iPhone 5 Camera - Actual Photographs

Kids – iPhone 5 Camera Sample

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