How To Automate Tasks With Page Buddy In Samsung Galaxy S3 And Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung has recently released the premium suite for their premium android devices Galaxy S3 and Note 2. This two devices have been the ultimate device that any geek can own as they offer the maximum number of features with a performance that cannot be outmatched by any of the other smartphones out there. Galaxy S3 has been hailed as the king of smartphones in the year 2012.

So to keep their device up to date Samsung has released the premium suite which provides many fantastic features to the users which no doubt any of the power users will be able to enjoy.


In this article we will take a look at how to automate all your tasks in the phone with the help of Page Buddy. Page Buddy is an excellent intelligent app that will follow your every move in the smartphone as result the next time you perform the same action the specific app will open up.

So no longer you have to go and launch the specific apps or action manually it’s all done automatically. For instance you plug in the headphone for listening to music but now with page buddy the moment you plug in your headphones your favorite music app will be launched automatically.

How To Turn On Page Buddy

Below is a guide with which you can turn on page buddy and after you do you will realize the fun you were missing.

1. Go to Settings > Display to locate the correct option of page buddy and simply swipe to turn it on.

page buddy 1

2. If it doesn’t turn on with the swipe then you can turn it on from the option by clicking on page buddy.

3. After enabling page buddy click on it to go to the options to see various options such as earphones, docking and roaming page. There are dedicated pages to each of these options. You have to tick the box to activate the specific options.

page buddy 2

4. Page buddy will be automatically activated every time you perform a specific action. For example when you plug in your headphones a music oriented page will automatically open to give you instant access.


5. Page buddy will be continuously running in the background and you can do different tasks in your phone. Once you’re done listening to your music the moment you unplug your headphone page buddy will stop running.

6. Remember page buddy will only work as long as you are using the default TouchWiz UI. It will not work with any other launcher that you have installed.


There you have a simple guide that will enable you to turn on this interesting feature in your Samsung device after you have upgraded it with the premium suite.

Do let us know about your experiences with the page buddy and any other tweaks that will enable you to have fun with your device.

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