Gambling Online – The Smart Way To Play

online poker

The wonderful world of online poker is fantastic for those who want to take a trip to the casino during a lunch break, or who want to enjoy a flutter without having to venture too far from their couch. However, just because you’re in the comfort of your own home, doesn’t mean you should relax entirely and forget to apply the basic ground rules that mean you play … [Read more...]

The best web browser games to play in 2016


Although console gaming and app-based gaming can present some of the most eye-opening graphics and gameplay options, it’s still basic browser-based gaming that can provide the quickest and most satisfying fix of gaming fun. This is because rather than having to wait to download the software, you can simply fire up your web browser and instantly get into the action … [Read more...]

6 Video Games Which People Still Remember

video games

Video games are among those things which are favorite in passing the boring time. With the invention of computers, video games evolved a lot and they are getting better and better with time. These days you can find hundreds of best quality games which comes with high quality (HD) graphics and top notch quality of user experience but still few old games are gold till … [Read more...]

PS4: Sony’s Most Powerful Gaming Platform Announced


Video game can be defined as electronic game which involves interaction of human with user interface and generate on a video device visual feedback. Life of today’s generation is plugged in video games and has made it ‘generation gamer.’ Most of the free time is spend in playing video games. Video games have become an integrated part of not only children but also … [Read more...]

How to Improve Your Old PC’s Gaming Performance


Buying new hardware to replace the older ones in your PC is doubtless the best way to enjoy the latest games. However, that is easier said than done simply because computer hardware is pretty expensive. Besides, there are certain things you can do for a better gaming experience on your old PC without spending a dime. The following tips focus on exploiting the full … [Read more...]

How To Increase Steam Download Speed


It’s a regular irritation when you are waiting for your game to update or download. Every game fan wants some tips to boost the speed of Steam and spend more time in playing, not waiting. But do you know how to do it? Do you know how to increase or boost up the download speed of steam? Here's how to do it. Those who don’t know, here is a little info on Steam. You … [Read more...]

Best Games For The New iPhone 5

BeautifulGraphicsCrystal_on iphone 5

If you have already got your hands on the new iPhone 5, you must have noticed that not all the apps and games take advantage of the iPhone 5's wider screen and better graphics. Although the updates for the new iPhone have been coming quite fast, but still there are a host of applications and games that show black spaces on either side the moment they are switched on … [Read more...]

Imminent Games Releases Drip Drip For PC and Mac Version


Imminent Games has announced to release its casual strategy game 'Drip Drip for the PC and Mac Versions, and will be available for purchase at Desura on October 2, 2012. The strategy lovers can enjoy the game, as it gives a classic 2D feel with RTS inspired point and click controls. The storyline tells about a devastating storm in the cities of the US that crumbles … [Read more...]

Unique Concept, Interactive Thriller – Alt-Minds Soon Launches On PC, Mac, Smartphones

alt minds

The much anticipated game with a unique concept, exceptional story and an interactive thriller, Alt-Minds will be soon launched on TV, Video Game consoles, phones, tablets and Internet. The paranormal thriller is created on different platforms, offering to play a game on interactive thriller fiction. For most of the reviewers, this is the one of the path breaking … [Read more...]

LG To Launch 2D, 3D Games For Cinema 3D Smart TVs


LG Electronics is coming up with a new game portal that will offer gamers with 2D and 3D games for its giant 3D Smart TVs. This will of course be a new gaming entertainment than what we have been for last few years or a decade. The Cinema 3D Smart TVs portal will feature user-friendly searching, purchasing as well as playing game apps in both the dimensional … [Read more...]