YouTube Video “21 Years” Becomes Overnight Hit Showcasing New Born Transition To Adulthood

Isn’t the video seems to have been directed by a professional film maker? But Nope. It has been completely, and rather exclusively, made by a dad.

The video clip entitled “21 years” on YouTube begins with a black-and-white sonogram picture of an infant and fades into a picture of a youth holding a 21 lighted candles fixed on a birthday cake, ready to blow them out.

This video clip is of 6 1/2 minute duration and it shows every day of the first 21 years of Cory Mcleod’s life and has become a sensation on YouTube.

Ian Mcleod, father of Cory McLeod, took the first picture of his son minutes after he was born and continued taking pictures hence. The video projects one photo per day in Cory’s life. These pictures show in bed, in play, in school, hanging out with friends, at the beach and everywhere else possible.

CBS News confirms that Ian took all the images with a film camera. It took him a year and a half to scan the film and then upload the pictures into his computer. To be precis, there are 7,500 photos filling about 71 picture albums.

The YouTube stat reveals this video got about 5 million hits, seemed to have arrested the imagination of the viewers across the world. It is not every day that people get to witness the process of a baby growing into a child and then stepping onto the threshold of manhood.

YouTube commentator tweeted that he was not sure what it was, but had seen the images umpteens of time. There was something serious moving. Simple as it was as an idea. The mixture of watching a little boy maturing into a fine young man and the parental pride involved in making the video.

It is compelling, and of course emotional, and in a special way too, much more than the sum of its parts, said the commentator.

Check it yourself. Below is the video:

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